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Book your freedom - camper and campsite booking

You don't like crowded campsites and want to discover special places? Then book your favorite spot here with us. We show you great campsites in Europe - whether at the lake, in the mountains, with your four-legged friend or luxury camping by the sea - with us you will find everything for your camping heart!

With the direct booking via FreewayCamper you got your place at the campsite and you don't have to search for free places during your trip. Everything is very simple, in a few steps directly online bookable. You have your head free, can enjoy your trip to the fullest and dive directly into the camping experience.

This is how it works:

Book your favorite directly on our website and discover many useful additional services, such as the outdoor package, the bike rack or the kids equipment.

Find your favorite campsite and select it according to your preferences: whether mountains and nature, camping on the beach or the perfect campsite for the whole family including four-legged friends - there is something for everyone on our website.

Book your entire vacation with us and start your adventure carefree and relaxed.

Start your trip with FreewayCamper
Vorteile von FreewayCamper

Fair Price Guarantee and all mileage included: no service charge, full cost transparency and all mileage included.

Short & Long Term Rentals: Book your favorite camper for as little as 3 nights for a long weekend or get attractive deals on your long-term rental.

Flexible rebooking: You want to be spontaneous and prepared for everything? With us you can change your booking flexibly and free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of your trip.

Huge selection of campers & equipment: Whether a van, a campervan in different sizes with room bathroom or integrated bathroom or directly a motorhome, with us you will surely find the right camper for you. We also have great bookable extras.

Our campsites

Collecting moments during your trip is important, but don't forget the moments at your destination. Here you will find campsites in many different countries:

Campsites Germany
Camping in Deutschland

Whether mountains, lakes or sea - camping in Germany is very diverse. Discover great landscapes and experience adventure, all year round. Hiking and climbing in autumn, skiing and touring in winter, beautiful landscapes and gardens in spring and swimming in the Baltic Sea in summer. Vacations in Germany offer something for everyone and the best way to travel is with a camper.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop.

Campsites Austria
Camping in Österreich

Austria - a very diverse country. Good wine and delicious food, great landscapes and pure relaxation. Whether hiking and climbing in the mountains, shimmering and relaxing at various lakes or wellness camping and relaxing days in the spa area. Our neighboring country offers you a lot for a camping vacation and not only in summer. Discover Austria in every season and with one of our campers you are also perfectly equipped for camping in the colder seasons!

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop

Campsites France
Camping in Frankreich

France convinces with its diversity. The beauty of Brittany, steep coasts in Normandy or the south of the country with the lavender fields and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea at the Côte d'Azur. Nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet, beach camping on the most beautiful beaches of the Vendée or adventurous camping vacations in the mountains. The campsites in France offer you everything.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop.

For more information and campsite offers, feel free to check out our website!

Campsites Croatia
Camping in Kroatien

Croatia is one of the most popular vacation regions. The nature is beautiful, sandy beaches or coasts and cities full of culture. There is something for everyone when camping in Croatia. Whether Istria, Dalmatia or unique nature in Plitvice - book the most beautiful Croatian campsites directly through us and start your perfect travel adventure with all the trimmings.

🐶 Pets allowed 🏔️ Location 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Activity 🛒 Shop

Campsites Slovenia
Camping in Slowenien

Discover the best European destinations for nature and camping lovers in Slovenia and book your entire camping adventure directly with us.

🐶 Pets allowed 🏔️ Location 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Activity 🛒 Shop

Campsites Italy

Camping in Italien

Italy - probably one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans. Bright sun, crystal clear water and beautiful scenery - whether Venice, Rome or Sicily, the places in Italy offer worth seeing architecture, art and culinary highlights.Discover the insane landscape, sea and great cities and spend unforgettable nights at one of our selected campsites.

🐶 Pets allowed 🏝️ Location 🥣 Restaurant 🏊🏼 Activity 🛒 Business

Campsites Netherlands
Camping in den Niederlanden

Luxury camping in the middle of beautiful nature and great scenery. For those who enjoy cycling or long walks.

🐶 Pets allowed 🏔️ Location 🥣 Restaurant 🏊🏼 Activity 🛒 Business

Campsites Sweden
Campen in Schweden

Endless expanses, great landscapes and untouched nature - that's what camping in Sweden means. Discover great campsites on our website and enjoy the Scandinavian flair. Learn more about camping in the north in our blog post!

🐶 Pets allowed 🏔️ Location 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Activity 🛒 Business

Campsites Spain
Campen in Spanien

Dance, live music, flamenco shows and barbecues in Spain with a direct view of the sea wake up and enjoy the warm sun. Visit a fishing port and marina during the day and end the evening in a cozy restaurant with national dishes like paella and tapas. You feel like it? Then best to book your campsite with your camper right away.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop

Campsites Portugal
Campen in Portugal

Fantastic landscape, mountains and sea characterize Portugal. Explore the beautiful country with your camper and stay surrounded by chestnut, oak and cherry trees and in a place called an ancient Roman settlement.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop

Campsites Switzerland
Campingplätze Schweiz

Switzerland offers a variety of nature and landscape and borders Germany in the north, Austria and Liechtenstein in the east, Italy in the south and France in the west. Whether lakes and the Alps, palm trees and Italian idyll, but also beautiful cities. Discover Switzerland in a camper and get to know the abundance of the country.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop

Campsites Montenegro

Camping Montenegro

Montenegro, a country that can be divided into three spaces: the bays and cliffs on the Mediterranean Sea, the barren and waterless coastal mountains and the northern Montenegrin high mountain country. Discover more and travel through Montenegro with your camper.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop

Campsites in Romania
Camping in Rumänien

Camping in Romania is diverse. With water sports by the sea, hikes in the mountains and visits to the beautiful small towns, Romania offers great attractions for everyone. Stay at great campsites and discover a very special country.

🐶 Pets allowed 🤽🏻 Pool 🥣 Restaurant 🚵🏻 Cycling 🛒 Shop

Your FreewayCamper benefits:
  • Stay in extraordinary places
  • Thanks to the advance booking you got your place for sure
  • Take a vacation at one of the most beautiful campsites
  • Get great offers
  • From basic to glamping - there is something for everyone here
  • Flexible and spontaneous booking directly on our website

Book your camper and find your campsite now!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us directly via the chat on, via e-mail or by phone +49 89 889 970 86.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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