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Woof, woof! We have a special news for your 4-legged family member! With FreewayCamper dog package there will be no excuse to leave anyone at home, so tight you seat belt as the new camping adventure is coming. 3...2...1... Let’s explore!

FreewayCamper dog equipment for camping
FreewayCamper Hundeequipment zum Campen

Together with our four-legged stars Fritzi, Carlo & Gizmo, we have put together a package for camping with dogs. The goal was to make travelling with four-legged friends easier and at the same time to provide protection for the dog, but also for the campers.

Our little friends have tried everything and took some nice shots! This is their final list of must haves when camping with a dog:

  • Protection for the seats
  • Belt to fasten
  • Ground anchor
  • Dog bed
  • Towels
  • Welcome treats 😉
  • Bowls
Protection for the seats

To protect the seats we have different covers for our campers. These are suitable for the back seat and allow the dog to sit comfortably but also safely while driving. So your pet is in a separate area and cannot enter the driver's area. There is also an extension to the seatbelt buckle so that the leash can be attached to it and the dog is buckled in while driving. According to the StVO this is mandatory for all dogs!

Camping mi Hund in einem VW Bulli
Ground anchor for carefree time when camping with dog

Our dog equipment also includes a ground anchor so that your dog cannot run away, but has plenty of room to run around and look around the camper. With its length of 4 meters the leash offers enough space for your dog and you can devote your free time without worries.

Hundebett zum Campen Pössl Roadcruiser
Dog bed for relaxing while camping

To make your dog feel comfortable while camping we have different dog beds for our campers. Due to the different fit you can put the bed directly under the table and your dog can lie down safely and comfortably.

Camping mit Hund mit FreewayCamper
Adventure camping with dog

Whether splashing in the lake, walking in the rain or swimming after a hard day's work. With our towels for your dog you can both jump into the camper clean and dry. Our dog equipment includes two towels as standard - for the body and for the paws.

Two bowls for food and water

Food is the favourite part of adventurous day at camping. Our equipment includes two bowls for your dog. One for food and the other for water. Ofc, don’t forget the snacks! 😉

Näpfe fürs Camping mit Hund in einem VW T.6 California Ocean
Let’s go!

Mountains, lakes, hidden paths and caves are waiting for you to explore them! Or maybe hunting of never reachable birds, ducks and rabbits? Whatever is your dream, don’t give up on it! Both of you.

Camper is ready, dog equipment as well, so what are you waiting for?

Oh yes, don’t forget the shots, we love to see you both enjoying your camping adventure! You can send them via Facebook or Instagram account, or just at

Your FreewayCamper Team

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