Honeymoon with the camper

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Honeymoon with the camper? Enjoy the great freedom, the drifting and the togetherness to the fullest - be in harmony with nature and review the most beautiful day in your life. Create memories together that will last and enjoy your honeymoon wherever you want.

Be somewhere different every day, discover new countries and be flexible from the mountains to the sea.

Create memories that will last forever

The honeymoon is something very special and should remain forever in good memory. Many surely wonder if it is not exhausting to be on the road in a campervan and if the luxury is missing? Absolutely not! With a normal trip to a hotel by the sea you usually only have one memory: swimming, enjoying the sun on the beach, good food and comfortably reading a book. With a camper you are much more flexible and your memories are more varied. The time spent together and the things experienced will stay in your memory for many years and will impress you for a long time.

The first breakfast together as a married couple, when the sun rose behind the mountains, the coffee was brewing and far and wide there was no other person around you. Or the thunderstorm that surprised you while driving towards Italy and you had to wait on the side of the road until it was over, snuggled comfortably in bed. Talking to the locals in Albania, eating a local meal and getting to know the everyday life of the people. All this can only be experienced in a camper and makes your honeymoon in a camper a unique experience.

Romantic camping

Honeymoon and romance belong together. Just driving from one place to another offers time for great conversations, togetherness and romantic experiences. Secluded idylls in nature and wild camping are just a few tips for an unforgettable camping trip for two. We have a few more for you and your romantic honeymoon in a campervan!

Romantic Dinner Campen
❤️ The right decoration in your camper

Turn your camper into your personal oasis of well-being with a bit of romantic decoration. Fairy lights or LED candles provide a dim, cozy light in and in front of the camper. A freshly picked bouquet of flowers for your favorite person and a few extra pillows, blankets and colorful scarves. These not only add coziness, but can also be used as privacy screens or curtains. Create your own paradise and with your favorite song , the camping adventure on your honeymoon is sure to be unforgettable.

❤️ Candlelight Dinner

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not surprise your sweetheart with a great candlelit dinner? With our equipment you can easily conjure up a 3-course menu. A delicious summer salad and antipasti as a starter, Italian pasta with salmon as a main course and fresh fruit with ice cream as a dessert. A good glass of wine and a breathtaking view of the sea - a terrace in a nice restaurant can't compete with this togetherness.

Candle light dinner while camping
❤️ Campsites for couples

Your camper is romantically prepared and also some campsites offer a special romance level for your honeymoon in the camper. Natural, camping by the lake or right by the sea. Many nature campgrounds are made for romantic camping and honeymoon with adventure. Use apps to search for campsites or get information directly on our website. There you will find many campsites in Europe!

❤️ The most beautiful roads and passes in Europe

Even the drive to your honeymoon destination in a camper can be romantic. Many panoramic roads in Europe provide driving fun and breathtaking landscapes. Whether it's gleaming white chalk cliffs in France, roller coaster-like routes in Norway, hilly landscapes in Albania, style coasts in Italy or through gorges in Germany - the romantic factor is very high here.

❤️ Wild camping for togetherness

Pure romance is what you experience when wild camping. Absolute togetherness in the middle of untouched nature. In some countries, such as Norway or Sweden, it is already allowed. You can find more information in our blogpost "Campsite or wild camping" or "Wild camping in Germany".

Hochzeitsreise im Camper

Treat yourself and your favorite person to an unforgettable honeymoon in a camper, time together and above all many great experiences.

Start your romantic honeymoon in a camper.

Lots of love,

Your FreewayCamper Team

Photo Credit: @froschkoenig_hochzeitsagentur & @linsenmomente
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