Wintercamping: Top questions

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What can I expect from winter camping?

Free campsites, adventures in the snow and cosy moments with your loved ones.

Whether you relax and read a book, drink a hot chocolate or snuggle up in a blanket and watch the snowflakes outside your camper window, all this awaits you on your winter camping vacation. Also, for the adventurers among you, winter camping is the perfect solution to decelerate everyday life and enjoy nature. Snowboarding and skiing in the mountains, frozen lakes and fun days in the snow. With a camper from FreewayCamper you are perfectly equipped for your winter trip.

What do I need to know about winter camping?

A roomy camper is an advantage, because you will spend more time in your home on four wheels than in the warm seasons. Furthermore, the right equipment is important for the cold season. Our campers are all very warm due to the integrated heating. Because the campers are so well heated, you don't have to worry about freezing your water.

We have summarised the most important questions regarding heating and water use in the camper in our FAQ: Topics about winter camping

Which vehicles are suitable for winter camping?

Don't worry, all our campers are perfectly prepared for the winter. Whether it's a parking heater, window insulation or snow chains - we will help you with the most important questions and preparations. With the following models you are especially well equipped for snow and cold temperatures:

Which equipment is useful for winter camping?

Of course all our campers are equipped with winter tires. Snow chains can also be added for each model. Some of the campers have a four-wheel drive system to be safe in the mountains.

Nevertheless, you have to distinguish between the campervans , the Marco Polo and our Bulli.

In addition to an integrated auxiliary heating, a spacious bathroom with hot water shower and a fully equipped kitchen, our campervans and the motorhome are equipped with a comfortable seating and dining area.

In addition to the fully equipped campervans you can book the following equipment with us:

  • Windscreen insulation | 29 €
  • Snow chains | 39 € / set

The Bulli and the MArco Polo does not have an integrated bathroom, but thanks to the special equipment it offers the possibility to sleep in the pop-up roof at any time of the year and to enjoy winter camping to the full.

Here you will find the equipment for each camper!

Is winter camping with a pop-up roof even possible?

Of course! Especially our Bulli is suitable for it. With the additional equipment for our VW T6.1 California Ocean - Calicap and Caliheat - you are perfectly equipped even in winter and can enjoy the freedom of the pop-up roof. You can find more information in our blog post! Additionally you can take an extra warm sleeping bag and a blanket for more comfort 😉

  • Roof tent insulation | 39 €
  • Windscreen insulation | 29 €
  • CaliHeat heating tube | 29 €
  • Snow chains | 39 € / set
Calicap und Caliheat für VW California Ocean

We also have a few tips for you on what to pack for your winter camping adventure:

  • blanket + pillow
  • cuddly socks
  • Fairy lights
  • Hot Water Bottle
  • Thermos flask
  • Headlamp

In case of heavy snowfall, you should definitely take this with you:

  • Ice scraper with telescopic pole
  • Small broom
  • Small snow shovel
Where do you shower at winter camping?

There are several possibilities. On the one hand of course in our fully equipped campers, like our different Pössl models or our Knaus. On the other hand, there are the sanitary facilities at the camping site. You can also use the indoor swimming pool or the sauna at the campsite for a hot shower.

Is winter camping not too cold?

With the right equipment, camping is never too cold. In our campers we have an integrated independent heating and special equipment for the cold season. If you pack a blanket and a warm sleeping bag, you can snuggle up comfortably in your camper bed and enjoy your adventure to the full.

What are the best winter camping activities?

Winter and winter sports, what else? Whether snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, ski touring or cross-country skiing, you can experience all of this together with your camper. But if it doesn't turn into a white winter, you can also grab your bike and ride into the Alps or Prealps.

Also, winter camping with children offers many possibilities - snowball fights, sledging or building snowmen.

For the wellness fans among you, the combination of freedom while camping and luxury in an indoor pool or sauna is especially beneficial. Sauna at the campsite and through the cold snow back to the camper? Do you dare?

In our blog "Winter camping and skiing" we show you the best campsites for winter camping and skiing fans!

What should I pay attention to when choosing a campsite?

That depends on your requirements. Our tip: pay attention to the location and the offers of the campsite. The proximity to the skiing areas is also an advantage. For the wellness friends among you, campsites with wellness offers like sauna and indoor swimming pool are useful. And you should also take a close look at the sanitary facilities, because you will need them especially after a day of skiing, if the camper has not integrated his own bathroom. 😉

Wintercamping Pössl Roadcruiser
What are the advantages of winter camping?

A familiar, cosy atmosphere on the campsites and enough space to be able to develop freely. Lots of time in the fresh air, activities in the nature and enjoying the peace and quiet. Another advantage is definitely that you are directly on the spot and can start your leisure activities without having to drive for a long time. You can also take advantage of the low prices in the low season and choose the best pitch at the front with a great view. Wintercamping offers you the possibility for a spontaneous time-out even in the cold months. Pure moments of well-being in the midst of beautiful winter landscape, warmly wrapped in a blanket in the camper with a good book and a delicious cup of tea.

Well convinced? Then let's go, because winter camping is becoming more and more popular and with a perfectly equipped FreewayCamper camper, nothing will stand in the way of your winter camping adventure.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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