Winter camping

The days are getting shorter and not only we humans are getting ready for the colder months. All our campers are winterised and equipped with special features. For extra comfort in the winter season, our winter equipment can be booked separately and is available at selected stations.

Here is a list of our individual models with the specific winter camping features & optional extras:

Winterequipment Bulli Winterequipment Bulli Set Promotion

Our Bulli models have an integrated auxiliary heater and winter tires. Additionally you can book special winter equipment for your pop-up roof and additional outside insulation for the windshields. The Roof tent insulation is like a cap for your pop-up roof, which keeps the tent dry and insulated. With the Caliheat you can transfer the heat from the auxiliary heater to your sleeping room in the pop-up roof. You are perfectly prepared for the winter landscape in the mountains with the optional snow chains.

For your winter camping adventure in a van you can book the following extras:

  • Roof tent insulation | 39€
  • Windscreen insulation | 29€
  • Roof tent & windscreen insulation set | 49€
  • CaliHeat heating tube | 29€
  • Snow chains | 39€/set

Winterequipment Campervan

Thanks to their comprehensive equipment, our campervan models are already well insulated and suitable for winter usage. All campervans have winter tires as well as an integrated auxiliary heater which heats the entire living and sleeping area. In addition you can book outside insulation for the front windows and rear doors to keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest nights. For safe trips through the snowy landscape in the mountains, you can also book optional snow chains.

You can book the following extras for your perfect winter camping adventure:

  • Windscreen insulation | 29€
  • Snow chains | 39€/set


Our RVs models offer you enough space for a winter camping trip. With the integrated parking heater, winter tyres and heated side mirrors, you're ready to go right away. Make yourself comfortable in your flat on wheels even in winter.

More information about winter camping

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Winter camping & skiing

Winter camping and skiing go together perfectly, which is why there are more and more campsites that are located directly on the slopes - here you can strap on your skis or get on your snowboard and get started right away.

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Winter camping for the holidays

Ever thought of spending Christmas or New Year's Eve in a camper? You can also start your camping trip with us over the holidays! So the holidays will be adventurous. We have all the important information about camping for Christmas 2022 and camping for New Year's Eve 2022 for you.

Heating in a camper

In the colder months there are also a few peculiarities to consider, especially regarding heating and water use in the camper.

It is important to set the right temperature in the camper. We recommend: 18-22 degrees when staying in the camper, 16-18 degrees at night, 8-9 degrees when leaving the camper. The pop-up roof (if available) should also be closed when leaving the camper.

If the water system is used in the camper, the camper must be continuously heated to at least 8 degrees, otherwise the water system can be severely damaged.

To reduce the heating effort, it is useful to have an additional insulation in the camper. When booking you can select this as an additional service.

We have summarized all other important questions in our FAQ's: Topics about winter camping.

Have fun with your winter camping vacation

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