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Camping in the cooler seasons has its own charm. You can enjoy the colourful autumn landscapes or the enchanted winter world to the fullest. The best part? Hiking, skiing, snowboarding and more - all within the reach of your camper.

Winter price ENG 071223

With our cosy winter-proof camper models, you'll always have warm and comfortable accommodation with you, no matter how cold it is outside. Take advantage of our autumn and winter rates now, valid for travel until 15 March 2024.

⭐ There's no service charge, no driver limit

⭐ All kilometers are included for trips up to 29 nights.

⭐ From 30 nights, you can enjoy all the benefits of Special Long-term Offers when you book selected VW campers.

Please pay attention that our stations have new winter opening times from 01.11.2023 to 17.03.2024.

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⭐ After you book a camper for 2024 and pay 30% of the rental by 08.12.2023, you have the possibility to secure a 7% discount on the remaining amount when paying in full.

⭐ Top prices without service fees

⭐ Flexible and free rebooking up to 48 hours before the start of the trip

⭐ All km included for travel of up to 29 nights

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Please consult our main FAQ page for all important processes regarding insurance, deposit, pick-up, drop-off, and technical camper topics.

How is my final price calculated?

FreewayCamper campers are booked and charged per night. Our prices change dynamically and may differ from the guide prices on the website. Your final price is calculated from the total of your booked nights and additional services. FreewayCamper does not charge a general service fee.

When do I have to pay for my booking?

For bookings of 60 days or more before the start of your travel, a deposit of 30% of the rent is due in the moment of booking. The outstanding balance has to be paid not later than 45 days before the start of the rental period. If the period between booking and start of renting is less than 60 days, you pay the full rental price in the moment of your booking.

How much is the deposit-payment?

The deposit is 1.500€ for all campers. For young drivers under 23 years the deposit is 2.500€.

When is the deposit due and how can it be transfered?

You can pay the deposit on the pick-up date via credit card (the amount will be only blocked, not charged) or the transfer the deposit no later than 7 days before to the following account:

Account Holder: FWC – FreewayCamper GmbH

IBAN: DE20 7004 0048 0793 7857 06


Title: deposit + reservation ID

What happens to my deposit?

Your deposit amount will be unblocked on your credit card immediately or transfered back to your accout within 14 days if you returned the camper according to our T&Cs.

What happens to my deposit if I have caused damage to my camper?

In this case, the deposit will be retained either in full or in part. The amount withheld from your deposit depends on the expected amount of damage or repair costs. As soon as we have a cost estimate for the repair of the damage you caused, the amount of the retained deposit will be adjusted accordingly. If the amount of damage according to the cost estimate is lower than the retained amount, we will of course refund the difference to you immediately.

What happens to my deposit if I have caused damage to my camper and have booked additional insurance?

While causing a damage your deposit is always being retained in full. If you have booked an additional insurance, which covers the damage you caused according to its insurance conditions, then the claims made fore the damage won't exceed deductible covered by your insurance package.

How can I use vouchers/coupon codes when booking?

You can only use a FreewayCamper voucher code or coupon during the official booking process to reduce your total price. These codes can only be used on FreewayCamper campervans and cannot be used retrospectively or for additional services that can be booked. After one use, the voucher code will expire.

How can I pay for my booking?

FreewayCamper offers you following payment methods: PayPal, credit card payment (VISA / MasterCard), Amex and SEPA Direct Debit (via PayPal Plus)..

How can I change or cancel a reservation?

You can change and cancel your reservation by contacting our customer service via phone (+49 (0)89 889 970 86) or email (

Can I change the booking period prior to departure?

In general, it is possible to change your travel period, as far as your camper or a similar model is available in the requested period. For changes made less than 30 days before departure a fee which doesn't exceed the cancellation fee applies. An extension of the reservation is free of charge. In case of modification or extension of the journey, the current daily rates will be applied. Contact our customer service for a specific offer.

What is the cancellation policy of FreewayCamper?

Cancellations performed at least 60 days prior to the pick-up date will be charged with 10% of the total rental price. If a cancellation is performed 30-59 days prior to the pick-up date, a fee 40% of the total rental price applies. For cancellations 15-29 days prior to departure date, the cancellation fee is 70% of total rental price. For a cancellation within 14 days before the start of your booking, a cancellation fee of 90% of the total rental applies. If the camper is not picked-up at the agreed time without any notice of the tenant, the rental price will be fully retained.

Can I cancel already booked equipment?

Additional equipment is divided into 2 categories:

  • Additional Products - bike rack, trailer coupling, camp sleep, cooler box, outdoor kitchen, camping chair, bedding set, back child carrier, camping cot, child seat, kids' highchair etc.
  • Additional services - cleaning packages, dog package, additional insurance etc.

Cancellation of Additional Products:

  • at least 15 days prior to the rental start - 25% of additional product is withheld
  • less than 15 days but more than 48 hours prior to rental start - 50% of additional product is withheld
  • 48 hours prior to rental start - 75% of additional product is withheld

Cancellation of Additional Services:

  • at least 15 days prior to the rental start - 0% of additional product is withheld
  • less than 15 days but more than 48 hours prior to rental start - 25% of additional product is withheld
  • 48 hours prior to rental start - 50% of additional product is withheld