Roadtrip planner: 5 beginner-friendly routes in Europe

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Camper tours for beginners

Are you new to the wonderful world of camping with a camper and want to prepare for your next adventure? Then welcome to a new way of holidaying - because with the right preparation, you'll never want anything else!

We have summarised everything you need to know as a beginner when planning a camper tour, as well as listing the most beautiful camping tours for beginners in Germany, Austria, Italy and France.


  1. What do I need to know when planning my first camper tour?
  2. Our 5 best beginner-friendly tours in Europe

Everything you need to know on how to plan a camper tour

Before going on vacation with a camper or RV, there are a few things to consider. What additional traffic regulations apply to RV? How much is the toll for RV? What is the best way to plan my camper tour as a beginner? What to know when travelling with my dog in a camper?

Don't worry! We have summarised all the answers to your questions and our personal helpful tips.

Tip: For beginners, we recommend camper models such as the VW Bulli T6.1 California Ocean and Campervans 540 with an included kitchen and a pop-up roof, for that extra portion of comfort and space.

Recommended camper models for beginners VW Bulli and Campervan 540 family + basic pop up roof
What should I pay attention to when planning my camping route?

Don't plan a tour around the globe for your first camping trip! We recommend travelling for a maximum of 5-7 days to get to know the vehicle and travel style of camping. You should also bear in mind that a RV is not the fastest vehicle on the roads with it’s average speed of 100kmh. Here we recommend shorter daily stages.

Tip: This saves you worry lines and a ton of fuel!

Which camper is suitable for my first camping trip?

For your first camping tour, we recommend the VW Bulli T6.1 California Ocean and the standard Campervan 540 models. Both vehicles are agile, have slim dimensions and are easy to park.

With the VW Bulli you are not only travelling in a cult vehicle, you can also enjoy the view from the pop-up roof in the morning.

However, if you always want a fixed bed and built-in toilet on your journey, then you'll make good friends with the Campervan 540 series.

Tip: We have summarised more information on camping for beginners in our blog.

What road traffic regulations apply to campers in Germany?

We can reassure you, because the same general road traffic regulations apply to campers as to cars with regard to speed, blood alcohol limit and compulsory seat belts.

However, you should check which road traffic regulations apply in the country you are travelling to in order to avoid fines.

Is a special driving licence required to drive a camper?

It is best to clarify this question directly when booking or purchasing the vehicle with the station manager or dealer, as the following driving licence levels apply in Germany:

  • Camper < 3.5t driving licence class B/BE
  • Camper 3.5t < 7.5t driving licence class C/C1

Tip: Did you know? All our Bulli, Campervans and RV models can be rented with german driving licence class B/BE!

How much are the tolls for campers in the EU?

Tolls are charged in many EU countries. A surcharge should be expected for campers and vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. If you would like to avoid these extra charges, you can use toll-free roads and travel countries such as Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands or Sweden.

Tip: Plan your route with Google Maps and use the "Toll-free" setting or use the ADAC internet route planner to calculate potential tolls

What should I look for when choosing a campsite?

If you are planning to travel in the high season and during school holidays, we recommend that you reserve your campsite pitch in advance. In the low season, a reservation is not a must. Here, registration shortly before arrival is often sufficient.

Tip: Do you already know our freeway-camper campsite finder?

How do I find the right emergency overnight accommodation?

If you can't make it to the planned campsite in your planned route section, we recommend staying overnight at a nearby campsite. From time to time, there can be break-ins of camper at motorway service areas during the high season. In addition, a night spent between the roar of the motorway and lorries can also spoil your holiday mood.

A quick internet search or well-known apps such as Park4night and AlpacaCamping will help you in your search.

You should also note that in Germany and most European countries, wild camping is prohibited, i.e. spending the night/camping on non-designated sites.

Tip: Search for your destination campsite during daylight hours to make it easier for you to find your campsite and park your camper.

What do I have to consider when I’m taking my dog on a camping trip in a camper?

There is no more comfortable way to go on holiday with your four-legged friend! Your dog will feel right at home in a camper. However, if you are travelling across borders, please note that in many EU countries dogs must be microchipped. It is also advisable to carry an EU pet passport and a valid rabies vaccination certificate.

To ensure that your dog is safe even in the event of emergency braking, make sure that it is properly strapped in and secured during the journey.

Tip: Discover more tips and additional equipment for your camping holiday with your dog.

The 5 best camper tours for beginners in Europe

You have familiarised yourself with the most important information and are now ready to plan your first camping tour? Then how about starting your camping adventure with a beginner-friendly tour through Europe?

For your first camping tour, we don't recommend a month-long world tour. To get acquainted with your camper and the style of traveling, 7 days in a nearby country is totally sufficient!

The ideal beginner's tour contains a mix of city trip, adventure and relaxing at the campsite. As your camper also wants to return to it's home port at the end of the holiday, a round trip is perfect as the first tour! Also, if you don't have any experience with larger vehicles, we recommend avoiding narrow mountain passes and steep inclines.

We have summarised our 5 favourite camping tours for starters in northern and southern Germany, Austria, Italy and France

Beginner-friendly camper route in North-Germany
Wohnmobiltouren für anfänger collage norddeutschland

"Nordic UNESCO-Route" (7 days)

📌 Bremerhaven – Bremen – Hamburg – Lübeck – Rostock – Stralsund

📌 7 days

📌 506km

📌 approx. 6h drive


This tour is for everyone who wants to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea on the North Sea and also the Baltic Sea culture in Stralsund. A picturesque tour along the largest Hanseatic cities in Germany! You've always wanted to walk kilometres into the Wadden Sea and experience the dream of white sandy beaches? Then this relaxing tour with sea air is just what your heart needs!

Tip: This tour is easy to start and finish from Hamburg! Find your camper.

Beginner-friendly camper route in South-Germany
Wohnmobiltouren für anfänger collage süddeutschland

"German alpine street" (7 days)

📌 Lindau – Füssen – Kochel am See – Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Prien am Chiemsee – Berchtesgaden

📌 7 days

📌 411km

📌 approx. 6h drive


From Lake Constance through the Allgäu and Alpine foothills to the National Park in Berchtesgaden. This route offers lots of adventurous fun in nature. How about visiting the Scheidegger Waterfalls, the Skywalk in the Allgäu, Neuschwanstein Castle or a hike up the Zugspitze?

Another highlight of this tour are the beautiful Bavarian lakes such as the Bavarian Caribbean, the Walchensee, with its turquoise blue water, the marvelous Chiemsee with its castle on the island of Herrenchiemsee or the Königssee with its steep rock faces. Here, nature lovers are offered everything from hiking, high-altitude trails, waterfalls, gorges, boat tours, summits to picturesque mountain scenery.

Tip: This tour is easy to start and finish from Munich! Still in the mood for a short trip to Austria? Then we highly recommend a trip from Berchtesgaden to Salzburg at the end of your round trip!

Beginner-friendly camper route in Austria
Wohnmobiltouren für anfänger collage österreich

"Kärnten Laketour" (5 days)

📌 Wörthersee – Weissensee – Millstätter See – Ossiacher See

📌 4-5 days

📌 201km

📌 approx. 3h drive


Are you drawn to southern Carinthia in Austria? Then how about a lake tour through dreamlike mountain landscapes? On crystal-clear Lake Wörthersee you can enjoy hiking, swimming and water sports. In addition, great events take place here in summer. And campers looking for an oasis of peace in the middle of Austria's picturesque mountains can enjoy absolute relaxation on this tour.

Tip: If this tour is too short for you, you can extend it with a detour to the capital Ljubljana of nearby neighbouring Slovenia.

Beginner-friendly camper route in Italy
Wohnmobiltouren anfaenger Italien

"Lombardei to Adria" (7 days)

📌 Milano – Brescia – Venedig – Bologna – San Marino

📌 7 days

📌 560km

📌 approx. 7h drive


With this tour you can enjoy the charm of Lombardy combined with a city trip and the picturesque landscapes of Venice and San Marino. A true dream for campers who are drawn to the south and want to avoid the floods of tourists on Lake Garda.

Tip: How convenient! This tour can be started and finished from Milan. It also passes directly by Lake Garda, ideal for a short espresso break at the southernmost point of the lake, in Peschiera del Garda.

Beginner-friendly camper route in France
Wohnmobiltouren anfaenger Italien Collage

"Route along the English Channel" (7 days)

📌 Étretat – Dinan – Trégastel – Camaret-sur-Mer

📌 7 days

📌 560km

📌 approx. 7h drive

Wohnmobil tour für anfänger frankreich Karte

This idyllic tour along the English Channel takes you first through the coastal region of Normandy and ends in Camaret-sur-Mer in Brittany. Discover the cliffs of Etretat, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Le Mont Saint Michel, Cap Fréhel, Plouha, the Pointe du chateau, le Gouffre and the idyllic fishing village of Camaret-sur-Mer. In addition to the camping fun on this tour, you can also go on beautiful hikes, e.g. in Huelgoat.

Tip: It is worth visiting the castles and picturesque little villages of Brittany along this tour.

For more information on your first trip with a camper, check out our blog articles on vehicle management such as How does water management work in a camper? and our guides on Camping with a dog and Camping packing list.

Enjoy your first camping holiday in a camper - and don't worry, we're sure you'll soon become a camping pro too!

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