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Rent your camper in Hamburg: In the hanseatic city with its beautiful port, we are currently represented with three stations.You can find us in Hamburg-Mitte (Reginenstraße 8, 20539 Hamburg), Hamburg-Börnsen (Zwischen den Kreiseln 4a 21039 Börnsen) and in Hamburg-Wandsbek (Am Neumarkt 38c, 22041 Hamburg). Choose a location to learn more.

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Water management in a camper Water management in a camper
When travelling in a camper, water management is essential. This holds even more true when exploring remote places. Having enough water allows you to shower, wash dishes, use your toilet and more. When camping, there are three typ...
Camping with dog Camping with dog
Woof, woof! We have a special news for your 4-legged family member! With FreewayCamper dog package there will be no excuse to leave anyone at home, so tight you seat belt as the new camping adventure is coming. 3...2...1... Let’s ...
Our station network in Germany and Italy Our station network in Germany and Italy
Maybe we are biased, but campervanning is the best way to experience Europe or even any other place on earth. Travelling with a campervan offers you flexibility and freedom like no other type of travelling can do. More than 70 r...
These are our 5 smallest campers with bathrooms These are our 5 smallest campers with bathrooms
Camping can be so nice - enjoy the freedom, stop wherever you want and experience adventures in nature. In order to be completely self-sufficient on the road, you need a camper with bathroom. In this article we present 5 of our s...