Camping with dogs

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A campervan is the ultimate feeling of freedom for you and your furry friend! At FreewayCamper, dogs big and small are welcome in all our campers!

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Step 1: Choose your camper and the duration of your trip

All our camper and RV models are pet friendly. Let yourself be inspired and design your camping adventure according to your personal wants and needs. What suits you best?

Select your intended travel dates, thereby securing your freedom for your adventure. 

Step 2: Add dog fee incl. dog package

Selecting this dog fee of 99€ allows you to take your dog along on the journey. The service is a flat rate fee and applies to all our campers. Think of it as a ticket for your dog.

You will also get the FreewayCamper dog package for the duration of your trip for free!

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Step 3: Pick up your camper and let the adventure begin

After booking, all that is left for you to do is pick up your camper at one of our many locations and let the adventure begin!

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First time camping with a dog

What do you need to remember to take along? Does your dog need a passport? What happens if your dog gets sick? If you are left with all these open-ended questions about camping with your dog, we recommend reading the following blog post ‘Camping with dog: Good to know’.

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