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Buy used camper at FreewayCamper

It's that time of year again: summer is coming to an end and the autumn and winter season is about to begin! At FreewayCamper it is now time to say goodbye to a part our camper fleet and find new adventurous owners for them!

You love traveling with the highest degree of flexibility and have been looking for your own dream camper for a while? Then don't miss the opportunity to find your ideal travel companion at FreewayCamper to reasonable prices!

Why should you buy a used camper from FreewayCamper?

Did you know that you can save up to 30,000€ by buying one of our one-season old and first-hand campers? At FreewayCamper you will find first-hand vehicles as good as new at top prices. In addition, all our vehicles are regularly properly inspected and technically maintained.

Tip: At FreewayCamper Sale you can secure yourself the suitable equipment for your new camper, such as winter tires, the associated bike rack, a starter package with gas bottle, cable reel, camping power adapter and much more!

Which used camper is the best?

To find the best camper for you, you should consider the following three questions in advance:

1. What equipment should the perfect camper include?

There are a few things to consider here, such as how many sleeps and seats are needed? Should the bed always remain fixed? Do I need a pop-up roof, a built-in indoor kitchen, a pop-up roof or an integrated bathroom?

2. Which vehicle features suit my driving style?

For this question, you should familiarize yourself with your driving style and habits to see which vehicle best fits your desires. What number of seats with seat belts do I need? Manual or automatic transmission? What vehicle length, width and height do I want? Diesel or gasoline engine?

3. For what kind of camping trips do I need the camper?

For the next beach vacation in France? 100% campsite vacation? Wild camping in Norway? Or rather a world trip to Asia or Africa?

If you want the highest level of comfort and luxury on your trip then the best vehicle for you is one of our fully equipped RV with integrated bathroom.

And if you prefer a higher degree of flexibility, you will be very happy with a compact camper like our VW Bulli or Mercedes Marco Polo.

Grüne Wiese mit Camper inkl. ausgefahrener Markise, Tisch und Campingstühlen

What second-hand camper and RV models can I buy at FreewayCamper?

For sale are this season our classic compact camper, like our Mercedes Marco Polo and VW California Ocean. Also for sale are our spacious campervans like Pössl, VANTourer, VW Grand California, Roadcar and many more. You can also buy our luxurious and comfortable RV from Etrusco, Knaus and Bürstner this season!

Tip: Our cheapest campers for sale are our campervans, such as the Roadcar R540 and Clever Celebration 2.2, and can be purchased for as little as €53,000. You can find more deals on our website.

Übersicht zum Verkauf stehender Campermodelle: Van, Campervan, RV

In which stations can I buy used camper and RV?

Our vehicles can be purchased in germany nationwide. Discover our entire fleet of vehicles for sale or search directly regionally near you:


Everything you should know about the used camper sale ...

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about buying a second-hand camper like the needed drivers license, financing options and more!

Which driving license do I need to drive a camper and RV?

For all our offered RV and camper you need a driving license class B. In other words: if you have a license to drive a car you're also able to drive all our RVs!

Can I purchase any additional equipment for my desired vehicle?

Yes you can! We offer you the opportunity to purchase the fitting equipment for your vehicle, such as winter tires, bike racks, a starter package with gas bottle, cable reel, camping power adapter and much more, directly with the purchase!

Can I finance my dream vehicle through you?

Yes, definitely! We offer financing for your dream vehicle through Santander. Please contact our sales team for more information and an individual offer via e-mail at verkauf@freeway-camper.com or call our hotline +49 89 889 970 86.

Woman sitting next to Mercedes Marco Polo

You need a camper and RV consultation or still have open questions? Then please check out our camper sales page or contact us at verkauf@freeway-camper.com or via our hotline +49 89 889 970 86.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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