With the camper through Albania

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Together with our Bulli Jonathan, Lena and Tanja and their dog Judy were on the road in Albania in May2021. The four are passionate campers and love to discover new places and get to know the culture of the locals.

In an interview they tell us about their experiences in the van.

Camping in Albanien

Jonathan is 24 years old and an educator by profession. He loves traveling and being in nature and getting to know new regions. Especially road trips. "Just go for it without planning your vacation in advance. To stay where you like it. The preference for traveling was revived by the various camping experiences in my childhood. Each time I am drawn again to unknown countries, which are often not typical vacation countries. I love the originality of these countries. Often you feel transported a few centuries into the past. I find it especially exciting to meet new people. So often I have had nice conversations with the locals there."

Tanja is 48 years old, an educator and used to regularly visit campsites within Germany with her 4 children in her old T4. "I have rediscovered traveling since my children have grown up. Now, however, I have also fallen in love with these road trips through my son Jonathan and find it exciting to be in a different place every day. To get to know distant and also unknown countries and to experience the people and their culture. Of course, my dog Judy always accompanies our trips with enthusiasm. I like to prefer places which are not overcrowded in terms of tourism and where you can simply enjoy the tranquility of nature."

Lena is 27 years old and also an educator by profession. "I learned about traveling in a whole new way through Jonathan. I traveled very little in my childhood, unfortunately. I met the adventurous Jonathan through my training as an educator. At first I found this way of traveling a bit strange, but today it is a fascination for me. I was surprised how varied Europe is and how different each country is. In the past, driving to the Baltic Sea felt like a trip around the world. But the more you travel, 1000 km, for example, doesn't seem like much to me anymore. What I particularly like about camping is being free-standing. I don't necessarily need a campsite. Just being in nature and enjoying it. The spontaneity is just always part of a real road trip and so every vacation just becomes an unforgettable adventure."

Camping im Bulli
1. Which camper did you choose and why?

We chose the T6.1 California Ocean with pop-up roof. We preferred a small maneuverable bus than a large camper. We wanted to be flexible and use the advantages of a car. In addition, it actually already offers everything you need for a camping vacation. Including sleeping berths and cooking facilities. Apart from that I am thinking about getting my own VW Bus and saw it as a good opportunity to try it out through Freeway Camper before. This car actually convinced me so much that I bought a T4 just a few days ago.

2. Who chose the destination and why did you choose it?

We always wanted to go to Albania. Unfortunately, the long distance has often deterred us before. You simply don't have enough vacation time in a year. In times of Corona it is not always easy to travel. However, one must also say that it is actually always possible. You just have to plan everything a bit beforehand. In our vacation week was this time for example parts of Spain and the entire country Albania as a destination free. So we decided to go to Albania, because in this country you don't even need a PCR test to enter the country.

In addition, this country has interested us more and more through previous research on the Internet.

Camping in Albanien
3. You were on the road together with your dog, what do you have to pay special attention to when camping and what tips do you have for newcomers to camping with dogs?

First, you have to say that our dog was allowed to get to know the travel as a puppy. In advance you should always check if all vaccinations are present and have the EU pet passport with you. However, it is also advisable to consider the vaccinations of the transit countries. We recommend simply best to talk to the vet beforehand, because there can be very many regulations. Sounds always very much, what the dog should have everything and the owner should carry, but the border crossings are usually more relaxed than is written on the Internet.

One should have all the necessary utensils such as bowls, blanket, food as well as still water, dog leash and have a fastening possibility for the dog on the car. Especially good for this is a trailer hitch or a mooring peg for dogs. During the arrival as well as the departure you should keep regular break times for the dog. With Freeway Camper you receive with a reservation with dog, thanks to generous dog package however already nearly all necessary utensils, which you need for a camping vacation with dog. Tanja's dog Judy loved her dog bed from Freeway Camper.

If you travel to the Balkans or similar countries, you will be confronted with street dogs. These dogs usually react to strangers quite peacefully. Unfortunately, they sometimes react to strange dogs with aggression, because you cross the territories of the street dogs with your dog. The three of us barely managed to keep the street dogs away from Judy and had to rely on the help of the locals. We had not estimated the extent of the street dogs in Albania so badly and drove therefore simply good things on it loose. We were able to protect our dog Judy well, she remained unharmed, but we would rather avoid larger cities with dogs in Albania next time.

Camping mit Hund
4. What makes a perfect camping trip for you?

The perfect camping trip is based on the motto that the journey is the destination. It has to be spontaneous and varied. For example, a mix of driving, hiking and city trip and relaxation in the great outdoors or by the sea. In addition, you should bring an openness to their culture. Since we like "free standing" the most, the app Park4Night is best suited for us. In Albania, wild camping is allowed.

5. What was the most beautiful moment for you in Albania and why?

As soon as we arrived in Albania, we were invited for a drink by the owner directly in the restaurant. The very next day we were invited by a nomadic family to participate in their daily life. We were allowed to ride on their own horses and pet the many other animals. In addition, we were allowed to watch how the family trades with their animals. Especially in the mountain villages horses and donkeys are needed. They traded their younger donkeys for the older donkeys and got some money in return. We were allowed to stand next to them and watch.

In addition, we were simply approached by another family and invited to a barbecue right by the lake.

Cooking in the camper in Valbona Valley was a real sensation because of this spectacular nature there.

Kochen in Camper
6) Which places would you recommend to us and our readers for a nice trip?

Koman Lake and the Shala River Tour in northern Albania are particularly beautiful, as is the Valbona Valley.

A well-known attraction is the trip to the mountain village of Theth and the hike to the "blue eye" that starts there. Unfortunately we could not do this hike during our travel time in May due to high snowfall. We recommend the ruins of the fortress of Shkodra. The south of Albania also has beautiful corners to offer and very nice beaches.

We thank Freeway Camper for the possibility of interview and easy booking of campers for unforgettable road trips :)

We hope that with our stories and the beautiful vacation photos we can inspire you readers for a vacation with Freeway Camper to Albania.

Best regards from Jonathan, Tanja and Lena and our dog Judy

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