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Are you ready for the E-revolution in camping?

Pössl E-Vanster E-Camper

May we introduce you to our first electric camper in the FreewayCamper fleet? Our Pössl E-Vanster (75kWh) is 100% electrically powered and compact like all vehicles in our van category. With its two sleeping areas, it is ideal for your next camping holiday with your partner or group of friends.

The Pössl E-Vanster now offers even more camping fun with zero CO₂ emissions, no annoying engine noise, faster charging times and at favourable charging prices.

Three benefits of the Pössl E-Vanster Electric camper: emission-free, comfort vehicle, favourable charging price

Electric-Camper Features

With our brand new and 100% electrically powered Pössl E-Vanster (75kWh battery) you can set off on your new camping adventure in the future.


The Pössl E-Vanster offers an integrated kitchen box incl. 2-burner cooker, washbasin and cool box, which is located in the rear area of the vehicle. A cosy seating area is created by the swivelling front seats. There are not only smart storage options, but you can also stand up straight and move around inside the e-camper thanks to the pop-up roof. For cosy times at the campsite, there is also an awning.


Your cool travel companion has two sleeping areas, a lounge bed on the fold-down rear seat and a double bed in the pop-up roof with panoramic window (incl. fall-out guard). Perfect for up to four people.

View of Pössl E-Vanster kitchen equipment and sleeping berths with tailgate open


Your two-room flat is fully equipped with a fresh and waste water tank, a gas supply and many other practical features that enable you to enjoy your trip self-sufficiently even in winter. In addition, we have also equipped your camper for you with our basic kitchen package (for 4 people), basic outdoor package (for all travellers), drive-up wedges, electric cable and bed sheets. So you can start your camping adventure right away - whether you're a camping novice or a camping pro!


The cockpit is equipped with the latest technology, cruise control, parking pilot and other safety features. Depending on your needs, you can choose between three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Power.

With the 75kWh battery, you can reach a range of between 300km and 322km (approx. 2.5-3h drive) with 0g/km CO₂ emissions on a 100% charge. To recharge the battery to 80%, the camper needs approx. 30-45min. Ideal for a relaxing coffee break. A full charge costs approx. 35€ in Germany.

View of Mercedes Marco Polo cockpit with navigation display and technology like parking pilot,

All Camper features:

  • 75kWh electric battery
  • Pop-up roof
  • ACC, cruise control & parking pilot
  • 4 seats and 4 sleeps
  • Kitchen equipment in camp boxes with integrated 2-burner cooker and sink
  • Fresh and waste water tank
  • Basic camping equipment
  • All kilometres included
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with €1,500 excess

Where to find the next charging station

In recent years, the infrastructure for charging stations has been increasingly expanded throughout Europe. In our FreewayCamper magazine, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the charging station network and the process of charging an electric camper.

Map of Germany with e-charging stations Network

Did you know that 150 of our bookable campsites in over six European countries are equipped with their own charging stations? A list of campsites including e-charging stations coming soon.

More than 150 Campsites with E-charging stations

Sustainable Camping

The biggest step towards sustainable camping is switching from a fuel-powered to an electric camper. But did you know that the way you drive, the amount of luggage you carry and your choice of campsite also contribute to the environmental footprint of your camping holiday? We have summarised all the tips and tricks for a sustainable holiday with an e-camper.

Bulli with open awning on green meadow next to cows

General information

Do you still have unanswered questions? Then find out everything you need to know about our Pössl E-Vanster in the next section! We'll answer your questions about battery power & range, special features of e-camping and the special vehicle features of our electric camper.

What is the range of this model?

The range of an E-Van always depends on several factors such as the outside temperature, vehicle load and driving style. With a full charge, you can drive between 303-322 km.

How long does a 100% charge of the battery take?

The charging time for a 100% battery charge is approx. 1h 50min and for an 80% charge approx. 30-45min.

How expensive is an e-charge?

A full charge costs approx. 35€ in Germany.

Are there many campsites with e-charging stations in Europe?)

On our portal you will find more than 150 campsites out of 6 european countries with available e-charging stations.

Do I have to pay attention to anything special when e-camping?

No, e-camping is like camping with a combustion engine. With both, you have to pay attention to the range and battery power and keep an eye on the nearest filling station or charging station. What else you need to pay attention to during the charging process, we will answer in our blog!

Is the electric camper also suitable for winter camping?

Theoretically yes, but as with every electric-vehicle, the battery performance of this model is also impaired at low (below 10°C) and high temperatures (above 25°C).

How many people can sleep in the E-Vanster?

The camper offers space for 4 sleeps

Is the Pössl E-Vanster suitable for camping trips with a dog?

Yes, definitely! Your dog will feel super comfortable in the Pössl E-Vanster on your next holiday. Discover our dog package!

Can a bicycle carrier be attached?

A bicycle carrier for two bicycles is already mounted to the E-Vanster.

Booking and availability information

Our camper will be available in the future. You will find all updates on this page!

Man with mobile phone in hand in front of Mercedes Marco Polo camper van

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With our Pössl E-Vanster you can set off on your next holiday in comfort, with the latest technology features and emission-free! For more information about the vehicle equipment and questions, you can contact us directly via the chat function on www.freeway-camper.com or by e-mail info@freeway-camper.com.

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