30 million investment for FreewayCamper

30 million investment for FreewayCamper
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FreewayCamper - the fastest growing camping travel start-up on the European market intensifies its expansion course and secures 30 million euros in equity and debt capital for further development. The company was founded in 2019 and has become one of the leading online camping companies in Germany after only 2 years. In addition to the first investment in 2020, FreewayCamper has now secured a further investment of 30 million.

  • 30 million euro investment as second major investment for FreewayCamper
  • FreewayCamper leads the camping market into the digital age
  • 2023 Development of a one-stop shop for the individual camping trip

The investment and investors

FreewayCamper secures 30 million in equity and debt capital for further development. In addition to existing investors, such as the founders of FlixBus, new investors are also participating in FreewayCamper. Rockaway Ventures leads the round as lead investor. Bridge to Growth is providing venture-debt funding to FreewayCamper.

FreewayCamper has also received additional funding from the Free State of Bavaria through WERK1 since September 2020.

Camping in the digital age

The founders Julia Blum and Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum want to lead the entire camping industry into the digital age. Founded at the end of 2019, the company is now one of the larger campervan and RV rental companies in Germany, where it has the densest network with over 20 stations. FreewayCamper has also been expanding into Italy, Poland, Austria and Switzerland since 2022. The expansion course to further European countries also in 2023 is a clear goal of the company.

What is special about the concept is that FreewayCamper expands together with partners in addition to its own stations. The company's partners use its platform, marketing power and product concept, enabling a unique customer experience.

"We started and scaled the company during the most challenging time in the tourism industry. Even during this year's supply crisis, we were able to more than triple sales thanks to our strong partners, such as VW, Mercedes and our rental partners. This success underlines that we have struck a chord on the supply and demand side through our advanced asset-light model and are successfully bringing the entire camping market into a new era," - Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum (CEO & Co-Founder of FreewayCamper).

Julia Blum and Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum
Julia Blum and Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum

One-stop shop for the individual camping trip

The digital booking platform www.freeway-camper.com is the core of the company. "Here, our customers can book their camper adventure in just a few steps. The usual enquiry forms are simply no longer up to date - our customers see the availability immediately and receive their booking confirmation after just a few clicks," says Julia Blum (Co-Founder & Managing Director of FreewayCamper).

Meanwhile, a large number of campsites can also be booked directly via the platform. Soon, more than 1,000 campsites and spots will be bookable via the camping start-up. In the future, FreewayCamper wants to develop into a one-stop shop for individual camping trips.

About the FreewayCamper Team

The Munich-based company FreewayCamper was founded at the end of 2019 by Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum and Julia Blum with the aim of digitising the camping travel industry. The platform www.freeway-camper.com has been live since March 2020 and since then has stood for a quick and easy way to book your camping adventure. Currently, campers can be booked at over 25 locations in 5 countries and soon over 1,000 campsites across Europe. At all our locations, customers can choose from a wide portfolio of already fully equipped campers and RVs for every occasion & need. In 2023, the company will continue its expansion in Europe and develop www.freeway-camper.com into a one-stop shop for individual camping trips. The experienced founding team Julia Blum and Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum would like to strengthen the medium-sized market and provide its partners with the modern digital tools to successfully manage supply and demand. This will further develop the entire market and not just individual players and make the most sustainable form of travel accessible to new customer groups.

And the FreewayCamper team has also been growing continuously since 2020: the company now employs over 100 people in its office hubs in Munich, Warsaw and Zagreb, as well as at its stations across Europe.

The FreewayCamper-Team
The FreewayCamper-Team

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