Gourmet tour for campers

Gourmet tour for campers
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Beautiful landscapes, conviviality and wine enjoyment and all this in a camper - we show you the most beautiful hotspots for a pleasure trip with your camper in autumn.

For connoisseurs - camping in the most beautiful wine regions

As a real camper, you want to enjoy the freedom of being able to park your campervan anywhere and anytime, and most importantly, be where you like it best. Whether it's a well-known campsite or exploring a new home, with your camper you always have your own four walls with you and can take full advantage of your independence.

For camper friends and real connoisseurs, especially in autumn - in times of the grape harvest - there is the enjoyable possibility to combine two passions and visit the most beautiful wine regions with a camper.

Whether in Germany or the neighboring countries, we have selected the most beautiful wine regions for you.

Camping in Germany: The most beautiful wine regions

Enjoy the best wines, together with your camper and discover beautiful campsites in Germany. Our favorites include the Mosel-Saar region - one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Germany and the Wine Route in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Camping in the Mosel-Saar-Region

Discovering cultural landscapes with the camper, which were shaped by the Romans and viticulture and the breathtaking view of the landscape of the Saar- all this is offered to you by the Mosel-Saar-Region. In the middle of the vineyards you can enjoy the romance and have a look at the numerous castles and ruins. In the Lower Moselle area you will find the steep vineyard terraces and in the Middle and Upper Moselle the vines nestle on the slopes. Whether you are a wine lover, hiker or cyclist - with your camper you have a lot to discover here and can experience the diversity of the wine cultural landscape.

FreewayCamper Wein Sonnenberg Camping
FreewayCamper Wein Sonnenberg Camping
Camping near the German Wine Route

Even with a camper you can't get past the German wine route. Whether Riesling or Burgundy, there is something for every wine lover. Due to the different soils in the Palatinate region, the wines are very versatile in taste. From the starting point Bad Dürkheim, where the largest wine festival in the world takes place, you can discover the most beautiful German wineries and camp as a camper in the middle of the wine stronghold and vines. Directly at the Almensee, embedded by countless wine fields, are the most beautiful sites for your camper.

FreewayCamper Weinstraße Bad Durkheim Camping
FreewayCamper Weinstraße Bad Durkheim Camping
Camping in Croatia: Istria as wine domicile

Wine an important part of the identity of Istria. Probably the most famous type of wine is the Istrian Malvazija wine. You can also taste the Teran, Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Along the Bujštine wine road you can admire the beautiful hills of Istria and enjoy the tastiest specialties of the region.

However, Istria is not only known for its wine, but also for its beautiful landscape. Together with your camper you can discover the history of wine and the fusion of country life with modern times. Every season offers great colors in the vineyard, but in autumn it is something very special and worth a trip with your camper.

FreewayCamper Weinregion Kroatien
FreewayCamper Weinregion Kroatien

The most popular wine regions in France are Champagne-Ardenne, Burgundy, Aquitaine and Provence.

Aquitaine is seen as the home of Bordeaux wine and offers many different long distance tours that you can join. Thanks to the numerous camping possibilities, you don't have to worry about who is going back to the sleeping place, because you already have yours with you.

Burgundy is famous for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and Provence is considered one of the most beautiful wine regions in France.

Especially with a camper this trip through the wine regions of France is worthwhile, because you can drive through all these beautiful places and spontaneously decide where you want to end your evening with a glass of wine. The Champagne-Ardenne wine-growing region, located northeast of Paris, is very attractive both in terms of landscape and taste. The soil, the climate and also the location offer a perfect combination for wine growing and a gourmet trip with the camper.

FreewayCamper Weinregion Frankreich
FreewayCamper Weinregion Frankreich

Pure joy of life, great impressions, wine tasting and camping in beautiful regions. What could be better? And as Christian Friedrich Hebbel already said in the 19th century: " Der Wein ist die edelste Verkörperung des Naturgeistes.” - and these two things can be perfectly harmonized with a campervan.

We wish you a nice camping trip.

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