Men's trip with the camper

Men's trip with the camper
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Mike and Marcus were on the road together with "Hannelore" our VW Bulli in June 2021. Since 2015, the two are "Best Buddies" and total travel freaks. Whether near or far, city, beach or mountains, they can be found anywhere. You can find more info about the two of them on their Instagram accounts: @marcus_k_punkt and @mkhn29.

Independently, they have been on numerous camping trips, mostly through the US, Canada and Australia. In the US, Marcus has already explored 33 states with campers. Last year he discovered camping in Europe for himself and was 12 days in the south of France with a VW California Ocean on tour.

Due to their love of camping, the two have planned a small campervan tour together at relatively short notice for June this year: from Munich to Brandenburg an der Havel - Flügge, Fehmarn - Fehmarnsund, Fehmarn - Fischland Darß-Zingst - Prora, Rügen (near Binz) - Peenemünde peninsula, Usedom and via Berlin back to Munich.

Hobbies that unite the two are outdoor activities: especially SUPing, boating, hiking and photography. This can be perfectly combined with vanlife. Together with Marcus's dog the two were on the road and tell about their experiences.

With which camper were you on the road and how did you like it?

On the road we were with "Hannelore", a brand new VW California Ocean T6.1, which had just about 2000 km on the speedometer and which we have added almost another 3000 km on.

I know the California Ocean already from previous campervan tours. Here is simply everything in the right place, everything well thought out, very much and above all logical storage space. Table and camping chairs are ingeniously "hidden" when they are not needed and it drives like a normal car, which you can park almost anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions, even in usual parking garages of supermarkets, or similar.

The refrigerator is sufficient for two people, and the small kitchenette allows you to prepare a birthday menu, as happened on our trip. Mike has prepared here for my birthday pasta as a starter, salad and then steaks with green asparagus, which we spent on the beach of Fehmarn.

What should not be missing on a man's trip in any case?

A lot of fun and good mood, spontaneity, my dog and the fridge as well as the food supplies in general well filled. And above all, the willingness to simply let yourself go and enjoy the time, despite planning.

What do you love about going on a vacation in a van?

Once packed, everything is always with you! That's probably the biggest advantage, from clothes, to the grill to the SUP board, everything is always at hand. You live where you park the camper! If a place becomes boring, then off to the next spot. No more annoying suitcase packing! Vacationing in Van means adventure for us.

For me, the after-work beer after a drive in the "Upper Deck" with the front window completely open has become a ritual. Open a cold beer, let your legs dangle and relax while enjoying the view.

Which country would you most like to travel to by camper and why?

Southern Europe is always worth a trip, no question! But we both would love destinations in the north like Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Besides short stops in Nordic metropolises, the nature is almost endless. Apart from Denmark, wild, but of course cautious and considerate camping is allowed almost everywhere. This makes it even easier to find a relaxing, secluded spot for chilled out days and evenings.

You are already a bit more experienced campers. What tips do you have for camping beginners?

Pack wisely! Think carefully about what you need and ideally get suitable transport boxes, especially if you are starting from your home town. You can easily pre-pack everything and bring it to the campervan in a trolley, so it will be ready for the trip in no time.

It is advisable to return from your trip on the day before you have to return the camper. So that you have enough time to unpack and have the camper ready for the next tenants.

Plan short, manageable routes! 500 km does not sound much. However, travelling in a camper does not necessarily mean arriving at a destination, but rather living in the moment. Stop now and then at a nice spot, take an unplanned detour, or while on the highway simply take a turn at an interesting sign.

Experience shows that a 150 km route can take a few hours longer than planned if you take the time to discover what's on the sides of the route. The journey is the goal!

Sometimes it is necessary to travel for an extended period, but all routes in between should be kept as short as possible. Otherwise, you get unnecessarily stressed.

Use APPs like Park4Night or the app from VW itself "Cali on Tour" to also find overnight spots on private grounds or permitted public grounds.


Thank you Marcus and Mike for the great insights of your trip and the tips for camping beginners. We look forward to many more experiences with you.