Who we are

Who we are
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We are FreewayCamper, the new rental company with a large selection of new and high quality campers and RVs and a fast, direct and digitalized booking process.

Introducing FreewayCamper

Our focus is on the needs of our customers. We have the right brand new apartment on wheels for every camper's heart at the right price - directly bookable, always fully equipped and customizable: for the stylish adventure in a MINI with roof tent, for real vanlife experience in our van or van van in various versions and for full comfort in our fully integrated RV.

With our additional services, we put together the right package for every need - for romantic togetherness, adventure with friends or family time out - we equip the camper accordingly and you can start right away. Our all-round service goes even further: If desired, our customers can start directly from home, book full insurance cover with a reduced deductible and the cleaning package. And this is only the beginning. We are continuously expanding our range of additional services to make our customers' camper adventure a unique and unforgettable trip - according to the motto: Book YOUR freedom!

Our roadmap: In the first step we will start our rental service in Munich from March 2020. This is just the starting signal for our big trip and a first part of our vision - follow us and be excited about many more adventures that will continuously enrich the camper heart and traveling.