Wildcamping in Germany

Wildcamping in Germany
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Freedom, adventure and starry skies - it all sounds like wild camping! Stay overnight in the great outdoors, surrounded by trees, mountains and lakes far away from others. Wildcamping is seen as a cheap, romantic and adventurous alternative to luxurious campsites. While wild camping is allowed in Sweden and Norway, the legal situation in Germany is somewhat different. We have summarized all the important information you should know about wild camping in Germany!

What is wild camping?

Wild camping is the term used to describe overnight stays outside of campsites. But what is the regulation for this in Germany? With a camper, staying overnight is something special if you observe a few rules. For a maximum of one night you can spend the night with your camper at rest stops on the federal roads. In addition, unless otherwise indicated, it is allowed to stay overnight on state parking lots for one night. Nevertheless you should take care not to sit in front of your camper or to set up your outdoor equipment there. Consideration and recreation are in the first place!

It is mostly allowed to stay in nature and to protect yourself from wind and weather. Nevertheless it is a smooth transition, because it is not always clear whether a camper has taken a break in the early morning hours or the place was used for overnight stay.

FreewayCamper Wildcampen Pössl
FreewayCamper Wildcampen Pössl
Is wild camping allowed in Germany?

Wild camping is generally not allowed in Germany. Nature reserves, national parks, protected landscape areas and private areas are an absolute no-go! If you violate these prohibitions, you have to expect high fines. In general: Observe and respect the local laws and treat nature with respect. Nevertheless, you can ask the owners if you are allowed to stay overnight on their property. Asking costs nothing 😉

What do you need to know about wild camping?

Please follow the following rules to protect nature and avoid further restrictions:

  • Take your garbage back with you: bottles, leftover food, but also waste water
  • Stay on the paths so as not to destroy nature
  • Stay calm and enjoy the silence without loud music and noise
  • Leave your place as if you had never been there
  • Do not make a fire, use our camping stoves instead
  • Do not drive into nature reserves
  • Enjoy your time in small groups, with your family or partner
  • If you know who owns the place, get permission
FreewayCamper Wildcampen
FreewayCamper Wildcampen
What are the alternatives to wild camping?

You would like to spend the night in the nature but don't want to break any rules? Then we have some great alternatives for you. It doesn't always have to be the luxury campsite with fully equipped sanitary facilities, a pool and a restaurant? Many small natural campsites combine the feeling of wild camping with dustbins and toilets. Some of them also offer you fireplaces, the proximity of the forest or a natural pond where you can go swimming.

Camping pitches

Also pitches that can be used all year round offer you the possibility to stay overnight for a small fee and to do permitted "wild camping". Pitches have a certain capacity and usually have a paved area, proximity to nature and sometimes sanitary facilities.

FreewayCamper Wildcampen
FreewayCamper Wildcampen

Please note that due to the current situation most of the pitches had to be closed! Inform yourself before your trip, which possibilities exist and where you can safely stay overnight.

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