Camper guide: Find the best camper for two or more people

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Have you been looking for the best camper for you and your loved ones, which is ideally suited to your needs and next camping trip? Then your search is finally over!

Here we discuss the following three questions so that you can find the best camper for you.

  • Which camper models are available?
  • What to look for when deciding on a vehicle?
  • Which camper fits best for partner trips and which for family vacations?

So hold on tight and let the journey into the world of campers begin.

Which camper is suitable for your next camping trip?

In order to answer this question, we will first introduce you to all existing camper categories and models, so that you get an overview and understand the basic differences.

Basically, campers can be divided into the following three categories due to their different build, size and equipment: Bullis & Vans, Campervans and RVs.

Camper categories overview: vans, campervans, RVs

Bulli & Vans are characterized by their slim, compact and highly functional design. Here you will find everything you need for a short weekend escape with your partner in the smallest space: sleeps, kitchen incl. cooler, cozy seating area and many clever storage options. Some of the models also have a pop-up roof, which allows for an additional sleeping space and gives you plenty of freedom of movement when standing.

Overview of features:

Integrated kitchen (incl. cool box, sink and 2 stoves), comfortable seating/dining area, swivel front seats, stowage options, outdoor shower, pop-up roof, comfortable headroom, two sleeping areas (lounge bed on the fold-down rear bench and a double bed in the pop-up roof), auxiliary heating, fresh and waste water tank, gas supply

All campers in the "campervan" category are fully equipped apartments on wheels with a bathroom, a kitchen, a comfortable seating area and a spacious sleeping area with plenty of room to move. With this compact all-rounder, you & your partner or you & your small family are always self-sufficient, flexible and quickly off to new places. The campervans come in three different lengths: 5.4m, 6m and 6.4m.

Overview of features:

Spacious kitchen (2 stoves, sink, incl. fridge + freezer), spacious seating / dining area, rotating front seats, full bathroom (shower and toilet), freedom of movement, comfortable height, many storage options, large bed in the rear area + smaller additional bed in the front area, auxiliary heating, large fresh and waste water tank, gas storage, solar panel on the roof, cockpit with modern technology

RVs are an absolute space miracle. Whether semi or fully integrated models - everything here is generously proportioned and feels like a home on four wheels. In these vehicles you will find a living area with panoramic window and kitchen, two large sleeping areas and a luxurious bathroom. Here you are offered true camping luxury with plenty of space, storage and freedom of movement.

Wohnmobil Teilintegriert_RV 600

Semi-integrated RVs are similar to a campervan in terms of maneuverability in the body and offers a lot of space, freedom of movement and comfort due to its larger living space, but with a cockpit of a campervan. This RV model thus combines the advantages from the two worlds "campervan" and "RV", with plenty of space for living and traveling for the whole family.

Vollintegriertes Wohnmobil_RV 700

Fully integrated RVs, on the other hand, give you the ultimate panoramic view with a fully integrated cockpit, plenty of storage space and high level of comfort.

Overview of features:

Spacious kitchen (3 stoves, sink, large refrigerator incl. freezer), extended seating / dining area, rotating front seats, full bathroom (shower and toilet), comfortable freedom of movement and standing height, many storage options, separate trunk, large bed in the rear area + additional sleeping options in the front area, auxiliary heating, very large fresh and waste water tank, gas storage, cockpit with the latest technology, multimedia system

What must be considered when deciding on the right camper model?

When deciding on which is the best camper for you, you need to think about your wants, needs and experience, as well as your own idea of the perfect camping vacation.

📌 First of all, it’s important to clarify your own ideas and wishes for the perfect camping trip. If, for example, you dream of a camping vacation with an American fully integrated RVs, a campervan with a similar level of comfort and characteristics cannot come close to fulfilling your camping dreams.

Person reads a book in campervan with a glass of wine in sitting area

📌 The next step is to define your own actual requirements for the planned camping trip or travel plans:

  • If more than two people are traveling, the appropriate number of seats with seat belts must be considered.
  • When traveling with children and/or a baby on board, for example, an integrated bathroom with shower & toilet is recommended. In addition, there must be the possibility to properly attach child and baby seats in the vehicle.
  • If you or one of your travel companion is taller than 1,70m, bigger sleeps are needed and an adequate standing height in the camper might improve the camping experience.
  • If dogs will accompany you on the camping trip, special equipment such as seat belts for dogs, floor anchors and seat protectors are recommended. And keep in mind if you’re traveling with more than one or larger dogs, dogs enjoy just like tall humans more space on long trips.

📌 And last but not least, the type of camping trip you are planning can also determine your camper fit. Are you planning a long or short trip? Should the vehicle be compact, slim and maneuverable in order to be able to drive on narrow and steep mountain passes? Or should the camper be spacious, comfortable and with large storage spaces so that you are always self-sufficient and lack nothing on your camping trip?

Which comfort level is required?

To enjoy the romantic idyll in nature as a couple or with the family, neither camping beginners nor advanced campers need much equipment. However, the own comfort level should be clarified in advance for delicate issues such as the toilet and shower situation during the trip.

Here, depending on your own comfort level, you can decide between vehicles with an integrated bathroom and without a bathroom. Models with an integrated bathroom include a shower, toilet and sink in a separate bathroom area of the vehicle. In vehicles without a bathroom are always without a toilet connection but some camper models offer an outdoor shower outlet. Nevertheless, in order not to have to pick the larger camper model due to a lack of a toilet, a mobile toilet can be brought along if required.

Wohnmobilbad mit Dusche und Toilette von oben

Weekend travelers and short-trip campers enjoy the highest degree of modularity with a flexible sleeping space and may enjoy being able to assemble and disassemble their own bed twice a day.

However, we also see the attractiveness of having a bed-ready sleeping space available at all times without any set-up effort. This can be very advantageous especially for longer trips and when you have children with you.

Kind schaut von einem statischen Schlafplatz aus einem Camepervan mit geöffneten Türen heraus

For all tall people, the constant pulling in of the head when entering the camper and cooking in the vehicle can become real torture on long trips.

If you still want to travel with a small camper, a van with pop-up roof can be the right solution for you. In addition, the pop-up roof offers not only a more comfortable standing height in the vehicle, but also a double bed with a panoramic view!

Mutter mit Kind schauen aus dem Panoramafenster eines Aufstelldachs auf eine Berglandschaft

Here you can rest assured - all campers include an integrated kitchen with at least two stove burners, a water tap and a cool box. Larger campers like campervans and RVs even offer you the additional luxury of a freezer.

💡 Tip: And for all nature lovers we also offer our outoor kitchen!

Campervan Küchenzeile von oben und geöffnete Schublade mit Gewürzen darunter

The storage space of the vehicle should also be adapted to your adventure plans. There should be room in the camper for all your gear, whether it's a snowboard, skis, sled, surfboard or your BBQ grill.

However, when loading the camper you should always take into account the maximum load weight. But remember “less is more”, so try to bring only what is necessary! This not only saves space in the camper and is gentle to the motor, but also saves fuel!

Blick in Kofferraum eines vollintegrierten Wohnmobils

The best camper for 2 people

In advance, each need is unique! For some couples, a smaller camper model is the best camper for two and for others, a large and luxurious RV is the right choice.

However, we can give you our FreewayCamper recommendation for the best camper for two to make it easier for you to make a choice.

💡 Two people do not need much space, just like at home, even on camping trips. Here we recommend our van model Bulli VW T6.1 Ocean California with pop-up roof. And for couples who want a little more storage space and do not want to do without an integrated bathroom our VW Grand California.

With the Bulli VW T6.1 Ocean California you are flexible in cities, find parking easily and have a comfortable standing height with the pop-up roof. In this model you will find everything you need for camping in nature in the smallest space, but without bathroom and toilet with outdoor shower.

Then you might consider a VW Grand California or a 540 series campervan. Here you have a fixed bed, an integrated compact bathroom with toilet and shower in the van, higher headroom and sufficient storage space.

Then take a look at the Campervan 600 & 640 as well as the semi and fully integrated RV category, for the largest possible storage space, a fixed bed, the highest standing height, a spacious bathroom (incl. toilet and shower) and a cozy seating area for long game nights.

Couple sitting happily in front of white camper

The best camper for 3-4 people

The search for the best camper for 3-4 people is a bit more complex, because here you have to consider the number of seats with seat belts and the number of sleeping places in the vehicle. And when traveling with children, a fixed sleeping area for spontaneous afternoon naps and integrated bathrooms is a good idea. All of our models presented below include four seats, four sleeping space options and an integrated bathroom with shower and toilet.

💡 For families with 1-2 children, a vehicle with extra storage space and an integrated bathroom is recommended to be prepared for all eventualities of the camping trip. For minimalists, we recommend the campervan model VW Grand California, so that you can travel in a compact space, always flexible and yet fully equipped and self-sufficient.

Enough space for family & dog as well as extra luggage such as strollers can be found in the compact campervans VW Grand California and campervans of the 540 series. Here you always have a fixed bed, a small wet cell with toilet and shower in the camper, adequate headroom and enough storage space.

You prefer it a little more spacious, with the highest level of luxury and extra storage space, then you will be happy with our Campervan 600 & 640 and the semi and fully integrated RVs. Here you have extra storage space, a large fixed bed, a very comfortable standing height, a spacious bathroom (incl. toilet and shower) and a cozy seating area for long game nights with the whole family.

Family with child sitting at picnic table in nature in front of green campervan

After you have finally found the dream camper for you and your loved ones, the only question now is whether it is more worthwhile to rent or buy. Check out our blog post on the topic of buying or renting a camper to help you make the right decision.

And if you are already one step further and you want to directly secure your dream camper for two or more people in the long term, feel free to check out this year's camper sale!

Now you just have to choose the right destination, pack your bag and start your next camping adventure!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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