Should I buy or rent a Campervan?

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No matter the city, the same picture presents itself, RVs everywhere. They are parked on the roadside; they are parked in garage driveways: converted vans, fully equipped big rigs, immaculately maintained luxury campers and abandoned Bullis from the 1960s. The recent Vanlife trend continues to enjoy great popularity. But do you have to buy your own wheeled home to be able to participate? What are the benefits of renting vs. buying? Let us take a closer look at this question.

Advantages of Renting a Campervan

Always the perfect Campervan for your Adventure

Blonde woman stands next to FWC Marco Polo with a view of the Swiss Alps.

A romantic vacation for two, a family holiday with the kids, a road trip with friends, or a solo adventure, the options for traveling with a campervan are as vast as the available models. But you do not have to commit yourself. Just, book your camper and get the model that is tailored to your current needs.

Another benefit of renting a campervan: you stay up to date in terms of technology and equipment. Of course, purring sweat and passion into converting an old bus into your very own RV can instill a feeling of pride and accomplishment, but having a functioning aircon during summer also has its benefits.

Do not worry about Care and Maintenance

The fridge is secretly growing mould in the summer heat? Pollen and road dust turn the snow-white surface of the brand-new camper into an unsightly grey green? The exhaust rusts unnoticed? Who would want to start their long-awaited summer holiday with a large-scale cleaning and maintenance operation? The simple solution: Rent your campervan! When picking up your rental, everything is squeaky clean and works as intended. And for all those with an acute aversion to cleaning rags, there are even bookable cleaning options. Now that's service!

Full Cost-Transparency

View from Roadcruiser over mountain lake and village with church.

Renting a campervan is not cheap, but when booking all costs are calculated transparently and are stated clearly. Costs for a private RV – purchase, registration, and equipment – quickly add up on top of additional yearly costs: comprehensive insurance, vehicle tax and maintenance. If, on the other hand, you rent your campervan, you only pay for the time you use it. A welcome side effect: you do not have to worry about deadlines, maintenance dates and runtimes. Simply book, get in and drive off.

Change it up!

Blue FWC Mini Countryman with roof tent stands in the mountains by a lake.

Of course, camping is great, an unforgettable experience. But not all of us are born to spend the rest of our lives on the road. Many of us like to enjoy a camping holiday at the lake occasionally and then change it up for the next vacation by booking the all-inclusive hotel with spa area. A rental is offering the freedom of choice you are looking for. Because camping holidays can only really be enjoyed if you do not feel compelled to do so by your own campervan sitting idle in your driveway.

Where should I park my Campervan?

And so, we come back to the original inspiration for this article. The many campers parked in residential districts. Parking spaces are rare and highly sought after in all city centres. Parking on public roads is usually allowed, but offers little protection against theft and vandalism. A secured parking space is often not to be had for free. Save yourself the stress and simply hand over the campervan and all related worries after your vacation ends.

Convinced? Would you like to book your camper immediately?


Advantages of Buying a Campervan

A Maximum of Spontaneity and Flexibility

Camping table and chairs in front of a white FWC Bulli with breakfast on cow pasture.

The flexibility and freedom offered by your own campervan is of course unbeatable. The rental also allows for a certain amount of flexibility, and we have a variety of last-minute offers for spontaneous trips. However, it can never be guaranteed that the exact camper you want will be available on the right days. Your own RV allows you to hop in and start an adventure whenever you want.

Personalize your Campervan

You want to paint the interior of your RV in your favourite colour? You feel like one of the closets could be replaced by another bed? With a rental campervan, you should limit yourself a bit with this kind of creativity if you want to avoid awkward moments when returning. Your own travel vehicle offers much more freedom when it comes to expressing your own individuality.

Treat yourself

Two young women lean out of FWC Bulli in front of rocky mountains.

My house, my pool, my car, let us be honest, sometimes we just want to have something nice because we simply want it. We are not robots and not every decision has to be 100% calculated. Enjoy life.

Buy a used Campervan

Are you a die-hard professional camper? Do you spend more time on the road than in your own apartment? Then having your own RV is the right decision. But even then, there are tips that can help you save a lot of money. Like cars, campervans lose a lot of value, especially in the first few years. A used RV is therefore much cheaper, even if it is not old yet.

As a caravan rental company, we need significantly more vehicles in summer than in winter. That is why we sell part of our fleet every year in autumn. The ideal opportunity to fulfil your dream of your own camper with a bargain.



These are the advantages of buying or renting a campervan
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