How Clean is a Campervan Toilet?

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If you’ve never been on holiday with a camping toilet, then you’ll have a van-load of questions. We answer the big ones below:

What is a campervan toilet?

A campervan toilet is a completely self-contained, portable toilet. You can empty it easily at any campsite with “black water” facilities. They’re easy to clean, quiet, and low profile. No, they don’t smell.

You just need to follow some simple rules.

If you’re using a campsite finder app like park4night, just look for this icon:

This icon shows you disposal facilities

This means the campsite or roadside parking area has the right waste disposal facilities. In several European countries, these can be found in public areas and motorway service stations.

The toilet is mechanical and completely air-tight. This eliminates any bad smells and makes it easy to empty. You can use loo paper as normal. With us, you get a campervan toilet without chemicals.

At FreewayCamper, our high-capacity toilets can keep everything contained and odor-free for days. You don’t need to worry about disposal every day.

If you do not want to use your toilet in the camper and prefer a separation toilet, we also offer a mobile camping toilet for an extra charge of 29€. You can find more information in Equipment & Services.

How do you use a campervan toilet?

Using a camping toilet is easy. If you and your children are potty trained, there will be no unwelcome surprises.

All you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

1. Make sure the slider is open (move the handle at the bottom of the bowl to one side). This creates a clear path for your waste to enter the tank.

2. Open the lid of the toilet

3. Sit down. If aiming, remember that you have to be more accurate than normal.

4. Do what needs to be done.

5. Be frugal with the paper.

6. Rise up your majesty and flush

7. Close the slider to seal in the goods.

8. After emptying the tank, rinse with a splash of environmentally friendly toilet fluid, which we provide you at FreewayCamper.

Nice work camper!

It’s easy to clean a camping toilet

Which toilet paper do you use in a campervan toilet?

Any toilet paper is fine. Just try not to use too much. You’re only making work for yourself in the long run, so be frugal and think of the trees! Avoid kitchen towels and ultra-absorbent tissues for obvious reasons.

How do you clean a campervan toilet?

It’s way easier than your toilet at home. A camping toilet is small and ergonomic. At FreewayCamper our toilets have no hard edges which makes a simple wipe down the work of a few seconds.

How does a cassette toilet work?

Because our camping toilets have removable storage tanks called “cassettes” they have a very simple and strong design. This means they have very few moving parts and that everything is easy to reach. You can carry the cassette like a suitcase because it has a fold-out handle.

Cassette of the camper

Does a campervan toilet smell bad?

Almost never if you follow this advice and empty it when necessary.

Remember that camping toilets are designed to work in small spaces. That doesn’t only mean physically.

At Freeway Camper, our camping toilets are the same ones used in boats. They’re designed to keep any nasty smells in, so that you can enjoy being inside the van. It doesn’t matter how close you are to the toilet.

For the best experience, make sure that you empty the cassette before the indicator turns red. Everything is easier that way.

When should you empty a campervan toilet?

The toilet will tell you.

On the top left of the toilet, next to the seat, there’s a capacity indicator. If it’s green, then you’re good. If there’s a little bit of red, then it’s time to think about emptying the cassette.

Know when to empty the campervan toilet

Let’s say you’re away camping for 5 days. You may only need to empty the cassette once if you’re flying solo. The more you use it, the more frequently you’ll need to empty it.

It’s normally the liquids that use up the most space. If you’re tactical about answering Nature’s Call, then you’ll be using the toilet less.

Are you two people, using the toilet as you would at home? Aim to empty the cassette every 2-3 days.

How do you empty a campervan toilet?

It’s actually way easier than you think. And no, there’s no need to touch anything nasty during the process.

  1. Make sure the slider on the front of the toilet is closed. This will seal off the cassette from the outside world.
  2. Put on gloves (optional)
  3. Open the “black water” storage compartment on the side of the van
  4. Grip the cassette handle and release the lock
  5. Carry or wheel the cassette to the black water point
  6. Undo the coloured cap and place it on one side
  7. Insert the nozzle into the black hole
  8. Say goodbye
  9. Flush the cassette using the hose provided at all-black water points
  10. Walk back to the van and slot the cassette back into place
  11. Lock the compartment door
  12. Wash your hands and feel self-satisfied
Cassette is pulled out The cassette has a retractable handle Then insert the cassette again

Clean & Easy

Modern camping toilets are easy to use, quick to clean and simple to empty.

Are you thinking of travelling with the luxury of a camping toilet?

Click here to see our range of vans with integrated bathrooms

Published on 27.07.2022

Written by Nath Portlock

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