Top hiking destinations

Top hiking destinations
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Are you looking for a great destination for an adventure and altitude? Then grab one of our campers and start your autumn camping in the mountains. Whether it's a trip into the mountains with the whole family, the discovery of unknown, remote places for adventurous recreational hikers or a tour as an experienced hiker on challenging routes, - we have put together exciting hiking trails and destinations in nature for you and your camper.

Hiking and camping with the whole family

Travelling with the whole family and discovering new places is exactly what you can do on beautiful autumn days. We show you two great destinations in the mountains that you can easily reach with your camper.

The Predigtstuhlbahn in Bad Reichenhall

Only about 1.5 hours away from Munich is the Predigtstuhlbahn with numerous hiking possibilities. This place is especially suitable for families. You can easily take the cable car to the top station and start your little panoramic tour from there. With a slight incline it leads in a wide arc to the top of the Predigtstuhl and back again via the alpine hut on the Schlegelmulde. With a walking time of about 30-40 minutes it is especially suitable for children.

All further information about the tour, prices and other hiking trails can be found here.

Through the Starzlachklamm

Get into the camper and in only 2 hours you will reach the Starzlachklamm gorge near Sonthofen. The way through the gorge is secured by railings, bridges and safety ropes. Sure-footedness is absolutely necessary. The whole tour on mostly wide paths with steeper sections takes about 2.5 hours and is also suitable for families. Please inform yourself in advance about the character of the route and the requirements. You can find more information here.

Camping with Kids
Camping with Kids
Discover new hiking destinations with your camper

Explore new places in nature and the mountains, preferably with a camper? We have picked out some very special tips for you.

Through the Bergener Moos

The perfect autumn tour together with your camper. Only 45 minutes from Munich you will find the Bergener Moos. The moorland unfolds its morbid magic especially in autumn and offers you a wonderful panorama of the nearby Chiemgau Alps. The nature reserve is one of the most valuable moor areas in the entire Alpine foothills and has over 60 plant species. More information about the approx. 2-hour route and the surrounding mountains can be found here.

The Schellenberg ice cave for the experienced hiker

Especially in early autumn this tour to the Untersberg is worth a trip. From Munich you will reach your destination in about 1.5 hours. Due to its length and the different degrees of difficulty this hike is especially for more experienced hikers. For the ice cave itself it is absolutely necessary to bring an anorak and a flashlight. The hike takes about 6 hours. For more details please check here. With the Untersberg cable car you can also reach the summit without much effort and walk down to the ice cave from above. This tour takes about 2.5 hours.

Hiking and Camping
Hiking and Camping
Hiking and camping for professionals

Adrenaline, a head for heights and surefootedness are especially required for demanding routes. But what is better than to exhaust yourself during the day and spend the evening in the camper in the middle of nature? Nothing - that's what we thought 😉

Ridge walk over the Söllbach valley

With your camper you only need about 1 hour from Munich to the Söllbachtal. From there your route starts with a great view over the Isar valley and on the other side the classic Tegernsee peaks. Since this is a crossing, this tour requires surefootedness, but also freedom from shingles. After about 7 hours of total time you will reach your camper again and can fall into your roof bed exhausted. Please pay attention to all important information about the route and your hiking experience. Information is available at the Tourist Information.

Through the Pöllat Gorge to the Tegelberg

With an unobstructed view of the royal castles through the Pöllat gorge to the Tegelberg and this in only about 2 hours from Munich. This tour is especially recommended for experienced hikers in autumn. The view is breathtaking, but only suitable for safe hikers with a head for heights. The summit of the Branderschofen can be reached by rope, stairs and hiking trails. After a walking time of about 5.5 hours you will reach your camper again. For a route planning you can inform yourself here.

Hiking in Berchtesgaden
Hiking in Berchtesgaden
Our best camper for your hiking-camping trip

Start free, independent and flexible in your autumn camping adventure with the FreewayCamper Multi-TalentVW Bulli T6.1 California Ocean. With our van you are always self-sufficient thanks to your bed in the pop-up roof and the integrated kitchen. Enjoy your time out in the mountains with a breathtaking view right after waking up and relax with a cosy dinner in the nature. With the integrated auxiliary heating and our CaliCap, which you can pull over the pop-up roof of your bullis like a cap, you are perfectly equipped even on cold autumn days and in the nights 😉. The VW Bulli offers you the possibility for a spontaneous overnight stay in a camper after a strenuous tour in the nature.

CaliCap VW Bulli
CaliCap VW Bulli

Pure nature, cosy autumn days in a camper and hiking in the mountains - that's what we love about FreewayCamper and our VW Bulli is also happy when it can be on the road in the mountains. You too? Then book your autumn camping adventure in the mountains now and cover some altitude together with our VW Bulli.

If you would like a larger camper with its own bathroom, you are welcome to visit our Website. There we offer you different models that are also suitable for an autumn trip to the mountains. 😉

Let's go.

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