Campervan Comfort: Is a campervan bed comfortable?

Campervan Comfort: Is a campervan bed comfortable?
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Yes, it is. A campervan is the perfect hotel room; it has wheels! When you book a hotel, you want convenience and comfort. When you rent a modern campervan, that’s exactly what you get. So how much comfort can you expect from your adventure wagon? A lot actually…

Happy couple sleeping comfortably on a campervan bed
Happy couple sleeping comfortably on a campervan bed

Mattress Myths

When you think about sleeping in a van, you’re probably thinking about a tiny, uncomfortable bed, right?

Thankfully, times have changed! In the past, sleeping in a van was not much different to sleeping in a boat or a tent. Old vans and caravans were badly insulated against the damp and mattress technology wasn’t what it is now.

Mattress design has come a long way in the last 15 years. This is due to the increasing academic interest in sleep and the role it plays in human health. A modern mattress is designed to give you the kind of sleep you need to live a modern life.

Sleep better, live longer.

In those old VW campers, the beds are just a piece of foam, worn-in by thousands of people. If you’ve ever slept in an old caravan (or a stable) then you know what I mean. They smell musty.

In a modern van, the mattress will give the same sleeping experience as at home, if not better, if you haven’t changed your mattress in a few years. Because we change almost our entire fleet of vans every year. Our mattresses always, look and feel, brand new. Nice.

Clean, modern bedroom in a campervan
Clean, modern bedroom in a campervan

Size and Space

A modern campervan is very well-thought-out. Everything is ergonomically designed to make the maximum use of the space. The bed is given priority and you can really feel this when you lie down. You feel relaxed and comfortable.

VW Grand California (200x180)

Our Campervan 600 - VW Grand California is perfect for families because it features 2 sleeping areas: One in the back of the camper and one in the high roof. In the back of the Campervan, we provide a king-sized double mattress of 200cm x 180cm. In the high roof there is a 160-190cm x 120cm mattress for the children.

You can find the VW Grand California at most of our stations. The measurements of the beds may vary between models and categories. If you want to know the exact measurements, please visit our description page.

In this bed, a good sleep is guaranteed
In this bed, a good sleep is guaranteed

“The bed in the high roof is a nice place for the kids to sleep. My boys are about 150cm tall. For this, it was super. Taller you should not be, because then it becomes a bit too tight. Therefore, the Grand California is perfect for a family with children.” Christine

In the high roof, there is an extra bed for children
In the high roof, there is an extra bed for children

If you are looking for a bigger camper model with more space for the entire family, we strongly recommend the Campervan 640 Family with pop up roof or our RV models!

VW Bulli California Ocean (200x120)

Our VW Bullis are the cult favorite for good reasons. They are compact and they don't compromise on comfort. The bed is generous double of 200cm x 120cm

Compact and comfortable at the same time
Compact and comfortable at the same time

“With the integrated heating, we did not get cold at night even in sub-zero temperatures and it was always cozy and warm.” Sarah

Our Bullis have a pop-up roof with a built-in, high density comfort foam mattress of 200cm x 120cm. It’s massive, airy and comfortable. Perfect for waking up next to the beach or lakeside.

Our modern roof tent has a comfortable mattress
Our modern roof tent has a comfortable mattress

“I love the pop-up roof! This divides the van quite logically into living area and sleeping area and you do not necessarily have to rearrange and fold down the bench for sleeping.” Melanie

By the way, the two models above aren’t our only cosy campers. We offer a wide range of comfortable vans, campervans, and RVs. So, there are many kinds of Campers to explore, check it out!

Pillows & Bedding

Say goodbye to that old sleeping bag. Bedding, blankets and pillows are an important part of van camping. One of the best things about being in a van is that you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

In a tent, you’ll be lucky if you have a pillow and an inflatable roll matt. You need to take out your sleeping gear and then pack it up every day. It can get damp and dirty from being outside. Not so in a camper.

Sleeping in a van is more comfortable than in a tent
Sleeping in a van is more comfortable than in a tent

In a van, you have none of those problems. It’s just like being in a hotel bed. We provide a free basic equipment with all our campers, including fresh bed sheets. You also have the option to book our fluffy pillow, blanket and towels for a price of 29€/set. Our pillows offer top quality, are soft and hypoallergenic. They’re made by DecoKing.

Different beds, same comfort
Different beds, same comfort

Crisp & Clean

Your van is your mobile hotel. At a good hotel, your bedding will always be crisp, fresh-smelling and spotlessly clean. It’s the same at FreewayCamper. We have contracts with professional cleaning agencies who ensure that every camper meets the very highest, German hygiene standards.

Whenever you rent one of our vans, you’ll feel like you’re the first person to check in. It’s up to you whether you want to make your bed or not!

Cosy & Warm

In a modern van, you can regulate your sleeping temperature easily. A van is cosy and warm when it needs to be. It’s also well insulated against the cold. If you need more airflow, you have several options to let the breeze in and this avoid the kinds of condensation you may have experienced in a tent.

Your van is your bedroom on wheels, and it really feels like that.

Many of our vans have air conditioning and a modern heating system that will keep you warm for the whole night, even at high altitude.

So it’s comfortable then?

Our happy customers prove that it’s more than comfortable!

Here’s what some of our customers say:

“It had all the essentials, the upper bed was super comfy and even though we had some cold days and we had to spend a lot of time inside the car, it was still pretty comfortable for the both of us.” Eduardo

“We always spent the nights in the roof tent. Which was really very comfortable and spacious for the two of us.” Dennis & Farina

“Just fall into bed after a long day - without the hassle of rearranging. You lie crosswise in bed here - after initial skepticism regarding height, I can only report good things - with my 1.80m I had no problems.” Thorsten

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping in a modern campervan is safe, warm and comfortable. I’d describe it as the perfect mix between a hotel bed and a tent.

You have nearly all the comfort of a modern hotel, but even more privacy (no lifts, hallways or communal dining). Yes, you need to adapt a bit by getting out of the end, but that’s a fair price for waking up dry, warm and rested, feeling ready for your next adventure. Not to mention the view...

Click here to view our range of modern, comfortable campers!

Sleeping in a camper is clean and comfortable
Sleeping in a camper is clean and comfortable

Published on 15.07.2022

Written by Nath Portlock