The ultimate packing list for camper van with PDF for printing

The ultimate packing list for camper van with PDF for printing
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Traveling with FreewayCamper is so easy - all you need is what you would take with you to a hotel or apartment. So pick up your clothes and grab our packing list with extra tips for your camping trip.

You do not know what to pack for your camper vacation? No problem, we have prepared the camper packing list for you, including information about your first-aid kit, safety equipment etc.

Because our campers provide enough storage space for your clothes, food and whatever else you need, you won't need any bulky suitcases. With small transport boxes or a laundry basket you can easily store your things in your camper.

Check list: What you should pack for your camper van trip

Even on a holiday with a camper you shouldn't have to miss out on anything, which is why we have put together a camping packing list for you so that you feel just as comfortable in your new home on wheels as you do in your own four walls. What is especially important for your trip is to pack all the necessary papers and the first-aid kit. Of course we hope that you stay healthy during your holiday, but precaution is the best care.

First- aid kit:

  • Plaster and blister plasters
  • Personal medications
  • Headache tablets for a morning after the campfire
  • And definitely a mosquito or insect spray

You should also always have your papers handy and not forget anything at home.

Papers and documents :

  • Identity card
  • Driving licence
  • Various proofs: Diving, sailing...
  • If applicable, student card
  • Cash and EC/credit card
  • Health insurance card
  • International Health Insurance
  • Vignette, if you go abroad

What must not be missing for the feel-good factor

Picnic by candlelight, cosy evenings by the campfire or breakfast by the lake? All this should not be missing for you on a successful camping trip? Then check our camping packing list and pack your most important things for the feel-good factor.

  • Sleeping bag or bedding and pillow, but you can also book that extra service with us
  • You can also get towels for adults and children
  • Clothesline and staples
  • Picnic blanket
  • Blanket for your evenings out
  • Tea lights and petrol lamps
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Flashlight
  • Ohropax
  • Tour guide/Camping guide

Packing list for the camper toilet

To ensure that you feel completely comfortable in your bathroom and start off perfectly equipped, the following should not be missing from your packing list:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo and shower gel
  • Hairbrush and hair rubbers
  • Shaver and shaving gel
  • Deodorant
  • Body Lotion/After-Sun
  • Toilet paper
  • Hygiene articles
  • Bathrobe
  • Flip flops/bathing shoes (for showering)
  • Possibly diapers for the little ones
  • Detergent for longer journeys

Packing list for the camper kitchen

With our kitchen package, which is part of the basic equipment of almost all campers, you are already perfectly equipped. In addition you should pack the following things:

  • aluminium foil or cling film
  • Washing-up liquid, sponges and tea towel
  • Zewa kitchen roll
  • Garbage bags
  • Food

Camping packing list for the summer

Camping by the sea, on a lake or in the mountains in the summer is especially fun, but you have to think of a few things here too:

  • Sun cream and après-sun
  • Bikini and swimming trunks
  • Sand toys for the children
  • Bathing bag
  • Beach towel
  • Sun hat and -glasses
  • Parasol or sun sail
  • Water wings
  • SUP or air mattress and water polo
  • Diving goggles and swimming shoes/fins
  • Possibly a UV shirt for the kids

Camper packing list for winter

  • Warm clothing made of the right materials according to the onion principle.The bottom layer should regulate moisture and temperature. For this purpose, materials such as polyester or synthetic fiber are very suitable. For the middle layer, a fleece sweater or/and a merino wool jacket is wonderful for retaining heat. Finally, you need a windproof and waterproof winter jacket to be protected from external weather conditions.
  • Warm blanket or sleeping bagA good night's sleep is important. We recommend one extra-warm winter comforter per person. Alternatively, good sleeping bags are also very useful and compact.
  • De-icer spray and hair dryerThese two items are especially helpful if something ever freezes on the camper. If you want to dry wet clothes quickly, a hair dryer can come in handy.
  • Snow broom and ladderIt is important to clear the roof of snow so that it does not get so cold in the camper and the vehicle is not damaged.
  • Carpet, foot, insulating or heating matAgainst the cold feet and for extra coziness helps a doormat, which you can spread out in the Campe.
  • Our additional winter equipment like insulation and snow chainsDiscover our winter equipment for every camper model!

The most important point in winter camping is heating. All of our campers are winterized and have a parking heater, so it is always nice and warm in your camper. Make sure you have enough gas and battery capacity or there is a power connection at the site to keep the heater running!

Camper technic packing list

Thanks to your packing list for campers, you have thought of everything and can leave boredom behind in all weathers: games for the kids, books for relaxing days on the water or a camera to capture great moments for your travel diary.

  • Camera
  • Charging cable for mobile phone, camera, laptop etc.
  • books, music and headphones
  • card and board games
  • Badminton, volleyball, dragon or whatever else you can think of
  • stationery

Camper adventure packing list

Camping and going on a trip belong together somehow, don't they? Whether you want to go to the mountains or to the beach, there are some things you should definitely put on your camping packing list.

  • Backpack
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Back carrier for the children
  • Drinking bottle and lunch box
  • Jacket
  • Hiking poles

Camping adventures are great to share with your dog. What you need for it, you will find in our checklist: Camping with a dog.

How can I pack the camper correctly?

We have left out a packing list for the clothes, because in this case it is especially important to know where you are travelling to and the season. But what you should definitely keep in mind is that sturdy shoes, rubber boots, a rain jacket and a warm sweater are essential, because even in summer it can get wet and cold.

You can also shop for as many souvenirs, clothes and gifts as you like, because our campers offer a lot of storage space. Some unusual items can also enhance the camping experience.

Write your camping packing list and take everything you want with you. Because you are with

your home on the road for a while and you can store everything in the camper.

>>FreewayCamper's packing list as PDF for printing

FreewayCamper Camping Packliste
FreewayCamper Camping Packliste

Have fun packing for your camping trip!

Your FreewayCamper Team