#1 Camping for beginners

#1 Camping for beginners
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Adventure, independence, and boundless freedom - these are your ideas of a successful vacation? Then camping is just the right thing for you! Be close to nature and still have your own roof over your head with one of our campers. Put an end to package holidays or all-inclusive hotel trips and go on a camping adventure. We have summarized all the important tips and tricks to be perfectly prepared even as a camping beginner.

Camping tips for beginners

Destination, which camper, packing list or technical questions - the camping tips for beginners prepare you perfectly for your new adventure. So let's go and get into vanlife!

#1 Which camper suits me?

We at FreewayCamper offer many different models. From the MINI Countryman with roof tent for spontaneous city trips, the adventurous VW Bulli with pop-up roof or various self-sufficient campers from Pössl. There is also a camper with extra space. The easiest way to find out which camper suits you best is to visit our website.

Basically, you should pay attention to three essential aspects when choosing: Number of people traveling, size of the camper and the bathroom.

Number of people: If you're traveling with just one other person, then you don't need the biggest model with extra space. For more than two people, including children, we recommend campers with pop-up roofs. This is easy to set up and provides a great sleeping area. We also have campers in our fleet with a large bed, such as the Campervan 600 or Campervan 640, where there is enough space to share the bed with a child.

Camper size: the length of the camper is very important when it comes to driving around in a camper: shorter versions like the Bulli and Campervan 540 are very easy to use and easy to park in tourist towns with small streets, like you find in Italy and Croatia. Longer camper versions are more suitable for spending time in nature, mountains, etc. Also, there is a manual transmission in some camper models, as well as 4x4 all-wheel drive on the Bulli if you want to have a real adventure.

Bathroom: some of our models have an integrated bathroom with shower and toilet. For other models, like the Bulli and Campster, you can add a mobile toilet. If you are staying at a campsite, you can do without it. But if you are camping in the wild, you should definitely book a self-sufficient camper with an integrated bathroom!

#2 Clarify technical questions

Motorhomes and campervans are small masterpieces, as everything is packed into the smallest of spaces. So that you can start your vacation carefree, you should inform yourself well about all technical details in advance. But this is very easy because at FreewayCamper you get an introduction to your camper and our staff takes a lot of time for it. The most important points are the driving characteristics of the camper, the use of gas for stove and heating, the use and emptying of the camping toilet as well as the filling and disposal of the water tank. Also, it is important to secure your vehicle well when parking, so that you have a firm footing even on uneven terrain and do not have to sleep on the slope.

On our YouTube channel, you will find all the important information explained once again and you can look up how to activate the gas bottle or operate the pop-up roof at any time.

#3 Which camper is especially suitable for tall people?

Almost all of our campers have a maximum height of 2 meters. Especially suitable for tall people are the models with a pop-up roof. Here, when you have the roof up, you can stand very well and stay comfortably inside. Our 640 Superior XL campervaneven has an interior height of 2.1 meters and is therefore particularly suitable for tall people.

4 How big are the beds in the campervans?

The different models also have different sized beds. The Bulli, for example, has a bed size of 120x200 cm. The compact all-rounder models, like the Campervan 540 Family has a bed size of 130x200 cm or the comfortable ones, like the Campervan 600 Superior a bed size of 160x200 cm. Extra sleeping space is offered by our Campervan 640models with a bed size of 200x200 cm.

#5 Which is the most luxurious camper?

If you are looking for comfort and luxury, the Campervan 640 Familyis the right model for you. The camper includes a space bathroom, an extra bedroom with panoramic view in the pop-up roof and space for up to 5 people. So if you want both comfort and a comfortable driving experience, this is the model for you. For even more space, we have the Knaus Live I. With a length of 7 meters, the Knaus is an extremely spacious, high-quality and all-inclusive motorhome. Here you have to pay special attention to where you would like to go, because this model is not as maneuverable as a campervan.

#6 How do I pack properly for a camping vacation?

You've decided on a camper and also already picked out your destination, then it's time to pack. Here it is very important to consider what time of year it is and what you plan to do on your vacation. If it goes to the sea, the bikini and the swimsuit may not be missing of course. In the mountains, the hiking equipment should be there in any case. You should then adjust that individually. In our blog post "Camping Packing List" we have summarized all the important things for you and thanks to our all-around carefree package you can pack as if you were going to a hotel because our self-sufficient campers are equipped with all the important things and additional services.

#7 How do I cook in the camper?

Cooking in the camper can be so easy! All our campers, except the MINI, have a built-in kitchen with a cooking area. However, here you can add the outdoor package. Each of our campers includes a basic kitchen package, which contains the basic things for cooking. If you want something more luxurious, you can book the premium kitchen package for 29 €. Please note that you don't have an oven in the camper. Check out our blog post "Cooking in the camper" for great recipe ideas! In some campers there is a small sink for washing dishes, but we recommend using the campsite facilities for larger amounts of dishes.

Thanks to our kitchen compacts, nothing will get in the way of a candlelit dinner, because your camper is equipped with everything you need to cook!

And for the more adventurous among you - how about a campfire, beer and barbecue?

Kochen im Camper
Kochen im Camper
#8 Where do you want to go?

You don't have an idea which campsite to go to? Then take a look at our website. We not only have campers and great equipment but also selected campsites in beautiful regions!

#9 Is wild camping allowed?

Wild camping is seen as a cheap, novel, and adventurous alternative to luxury campsites. While wild camping is allowed in Sweden and Norway, the legal situation in Germany is a bit different. We've listed all the important information you need to know about wild camping in Germany! Check out our blog post "Wildcamping in Germany" to learn more!

#10 How can I rent a motorhome?

You can easily rent a motorhome on our website. Here you will find all the important information, such as the right camper, bookable extras, and even selected campsites. If you still need help, you can always contact our customer service: by phone at +49 89 889 970 86 or simply by mail: info@freeway-camper.com.

#11 What extra equipment can I rent at FreewayCamper?

At FreewayCamper you have the possibility to book many great extra services.

The most important are:

  • Bicycle rack
  • Extra kitchen
  • Bed sheets and towels
  • Cleaning package (inside and outside)
  • And many more you can read here!
#12 Planning routes for camping beginners

Are you spontaneous or do you plan everything in detail? For your first trip with a camper, you should have at least a rough overview of where you want to go. Choose a destination that has a good infrastructure. Maybe you plan your first days in a camper in detail to get to know the vanlife and book your campsite in advance. This is also possible on our website. When you have a bit more experience, you can let yourself drift and spontaneously choose your next destination.

#13 Where do I go to the toilet?

Most official campsites have toilets and showers. Besides, almost all of our campers are equipped with a bathroom (toilet and shower). For example for our Bullis or the MINI Countryman, we have an additional camping toilet and an outside shower for the VW models.

#14 Is camping with dogs allowed?

At FreewayCamper you are very welcome to take your dog with you. We have developed an extra dog package to make traveling as comfortable as possible for you and your four-legged friend. Take a look at our dog package and travel together!

#15 Have fun

Probably the most important tip: Have fun! Let go and enjoy time in nature, with loved ones, and away from the daily grind. Turn off your cell phone, change your route flexibly, stay where you want, and try new things! The relaxation of camping will ground you and bring you back to the essentials.

First Time Camping
First Time Camping

So pack your bags and get into the camping adventure!

In addition to the tips summarized here, feel free to check out our blog for information on many different camping topics. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at any time. You can reach us by phone at +49 89 889 970 86 or simply by mail: info@freeway-camper.com.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your FreewayCamper Team