E-Camper with a long range: Benefits of the Pössl E-Vanster

E-Camper with a long range: Benefits of the Pössl E-Vanster
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You want to start a road trip, but also take care of the environment? Then our long-range e-camper is just the thing for you! We at FreewayCamper want to advance the e-revolution in camping together with you. That's why we have the Pössl E-Vanster on offer from spring 2023.

In this article we tell you what benefits you can expect when renting the Pössl E-Vanster and how to charge this long-range e-camper properly.

The Pössl E-Vanster

The Pössl E-Vanster
The Pössl E-Vanster

An electric camper made for all situations, but especially perfect for camping trips. From now on, you don't have to feel guilty on your road trip. Not even if you want to cover a lot of kilometres! With the Pössl E-Vanster, your camping trip is absolutely environmentally friendly. The driving experience is not neglected, so if you don't feel like van camping with a combustion engine, then rent our e-camper now!

Benefits of the Pössl E-Vanster

Benefits of the Pössl E-Vanster
Benefits of the Pössl E-Vanster

The Pössl E-Vanster offers many benefits compared to a combustion engine. Even in comparison with other electric campers, the Pössl E-Vanster is simply ingenious! We'll tell you here what benefits our e-camper offers.


The Pössl E-Vanster is 100% electrically powered. That's why it emits no pollutants and is completely emission-free. Good for the environment and therefore also good for you!

Quick to charge

Thanks to the quick-charge function of our e-camper, it can be charged to 80% in just 30-45 minutes when the battery is empty. You should only ever charge an electric vehicle to 80%, as the charging time and power consumption increase dramatically afterwards. So charge your camper quickly while you relax with a drink.

Full comfort

The Pössl E-Vanster makes no compromises when it comes to comfort. The interior has been designed to make long journeys as comfortable as possible. You'll find 4 sleeping berths, 2 on the fold-down rear bench and 2 of them in the comfortable pop-up roof. The kitchen, which can be found in removable camp boxes in the rear of the e-camper, has an integrated 2-burner cooker, sink and cool box. Now that's camping!


The future belongs to our E-Camper. The Pössl E-Vanster is 100% electric, but still absolutely efficient, quiet and cost-effective. Be part of the e-revolution in camping and rent the Pössl E-Vanster now!

Supreme driving experience

Not only will you have lots of fun camping with the Pössl E-Vanster, driving our electric camper is also a real pleasure. Air conditioning, automatic transmission and parking pilot ensure full comfort during the journey. Almost silent driving and powerful acceleration also contribute to a unique driving experience.

Long-range e-camper: perfect for low-cost weekend road trips

Our Pössl E-Vanster offers a 75 kWh battery. It is not only efficient, but also an e-camper with a long range. At a constant 90 km/h, you can travel 295 km with the Pössl E-Vanster.

Charging the battery correctly: How to charge the Pössl E-Vanster

Charging station for E-Camper
Charging station for E-Camper

Charging an electric camper is very easy. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for charging the battery of the Pössl E-Vanster:

  • Turn off the engine of your e-camper
  • Carry out the registration or authorisation (via app, charging card or online portal)
  • Open the cover and connect the charging station to the E-Camper by cable
  • Start the charging process online or in the app
  • Stop charging at desired charge level and log out
  • Disconnect the connection of the charging station with the E-Camper
  • Switch on the engine and get back on the road

Now the journey can begin! Still not convinced by our e-camper? No problem, we are sure you will find the right camper for you!https://freeway-camper.com/de/campers/alle

We wish you lots of fun camping,

Your FreewayCamper-Team