Solo travel in a camper

Solo travel in a camper
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When it comes to exploring, few of us think about travelling alone. Solo travel may seem scary or lonely since you may not speak the language and know anyone in the country. But it is quite the opposite. Travelling alone is the easiest way to scratch your itch for adventure.

Solo camping image
Solo camping image

Types of solo travellers:

You may be or come across one of the following types of solo travellers:

The digital nomad

A digital nomad works online and is not bound to one location. Due to work-from-anywhere initiatives that many companies now offer, there has been an increased growth of people working on the road. Countries like Croatia have noticed this. In Croatia, a digital nomad visa is now available. Working from around the world has never been easier.

The pet person

Our second type of traveller is never alone. They always have their furry friend close by. Travelling with a pet is a great way to travel alone, as you are never truly alone. Last year, we saw over 250 pets tag along for the ride.

The explorer

The explorer is always looking for places off the beaten path. An explorer will chat with locals, integrate into cultures and most likely speak to everyone they meet. Be sure to have a chat with this unique solo traveller if you cross their path, as they have stories for every occasion.

The gap year kid

The gap year kid is fresh out of school, in their late teens or early 20s and ready to explore the world. Up for anything, so long it is cheap. Thanks to our great long-term offers, even the gap year can afford to travel in a camper!

The holiday traveller

A holiday traveller is usually underway for only a few weeks during summer leave and is well prepared. They have planned their holiday throughout the year and have a full day itinerary every day! You can easily spot the holiday traveller from their sunburnt skin.

The newbie

The last person on our list is the newbie. Most of our bookings are from camping beginners. The camping newbie is someone that has no camper experience. For those unsure about camping, we offer a minimum of 3-night rentals. Book your adventure now!

Person on dock
Person on dock

Benefits of solo travel

Now that you know some of the different solo travellers, you might think if there are any unique benefits to travelling alone? The answer is yes!

You have maximum freedom

When travelling in a group, you are constantly reaching compromises. While travelling alone, you are free to do as you like.

You can be selfish. You do not need to agree with others. Do you want to eat out every night? Do you want to move locations today? Do you want to spend a few more nights somewhere? You are free to do as you like!

You learn about yourself

Solo travel allows you to discover things about yourself that you did not know. Someone who is very shy and usually sticks to themselves may realise that although they do not need many contacts, a few friends around them is a must.

The main point is: When travelling solo, you will discover more about yourself and what is important to you. Let the solo adventure in a camper begin!

You will meet great people

When you travel with friends or loved ones, we usually stick together. When you travel alone, you are more likely to talk to locals, make new friends and in general be more sociable.

Alone you become more approachable. Locals and travellers alike will have an easier time coming up to you and striking a real connection.

You are also more likely to speak to locals and strangers when travelling solo. More communication can lead to you making friends along the way. Some might only last as long as your trip, yet others might become lifelong friends.

You will get a boost in self-confidence

When travelling alone, you will sometimes have to step outside your comfort zone. You will thereby learn to rely on yourself, as you are the only problem-solver and decision-maker on this trip.

You learn to trust your gut, make spontaneous decisions, and assume responsibility. Although this can sometimes be scary, it will boost your self-confidence in the long run.

Solo camping image woman and van
Solo camping image woman and van

Still not convinced to pack your bags and start your solo adventure? Read how Svenja spent her master's classes travelling Portugal for more inspiration!

Now that you know the types of solo travellers you might cross paths with, and what the benefits of travelling solo are, what is stopping you from your next adventure? Book a camper today to secure your adventure!

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