With the camper to the north

With the camper to the north
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In the north of Europe there are beautiful natural landscapes. The island worlds in Sweden, dreamlike fjords in Norway or the Finnish lake landscape. In addition, there are the exciting capitals Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki, but also the countries Holland and Denmark with their Scandinavian flair.

We present you great regions for your camping vacation in the north.

Camping in Norway

Wild fjords, massive mountain panoramas and the wild Atlantic Ocean - this is what awaits you on your camping tour through Norway. On the well-developed roads in Norway a tour with the van is a real pleasure. The best way to reach Norway is by land or by ferry. Keep in mind, however, that many stretches of road are subject to tolls. In Norway, the Everyman's Right applies, which allows the free but always responsible use of nature - so you are allowed to lie in the open air in your camper and spend the night. However, this right does not explicitly apply to campers as well. Therefore, pay attention to prohibition signs at rest areas and look for the sake of the environment one of the numerous available camping or parking sites.

PS: In Norway, prefer to drive shorter distances and enjoy the surrounding countryside. The capital Oslo is also worth a visit with the camper.

Campen in Norwegen
Campen in Norwegen
With the camper to Sweden

Sweden is a huge country that convinces with endless expanses, great landscapes and untouched nature. In summer you can look forward to non-stop daylight and get to know the delicious Swedish cuisine. The road network in Sweden is very well developed and offers good conditions for your camper trip. As in other Scandinavian countries, Sweden also has the Everyman's Right, which allows you to spend the night in the great outdoors. But beware: The Everyman's Right does not apply to motorized vehicles! So it is not allowed to park your motorhome on unpaved ground somewhere in the countryside and camp.

Sweden is quite large, so it is worth planning a little more time for the trip. The capital Stockholm and a visit to the "Swedish Versailles", Drottningholm Castle, where the royal couple resides, is also worth a visit.

Camper tour through Finland

Swimming in crystal clear lakes, fishing, marveling at magical northern lights and immersing yourself in the culture of the indigenous Sami people - a camper trip through Finland promises unforgettable experiences and the perfect adventure for you and your camper. The Scandinavian country with its breathtaking nature, forests and lakes is made for a trip with a campervan. Thanks to the Everyman's Right, you can stay anywhere in Finland and enjoy nature to the fullest. The roads are well suited for a camper and traffic jams are very rare. What you always have to watch out for are reindeer and moose that like to cross the road.

Also in winter Finland is worth a trip with a camper. Here you have to prepare yourself very well, because it can get very cold at night. But we have great equipment for this.

Holland with the camper

Our neighbors are probably the number one in camping and love to be on the road with the camper. For this reason Holland has super conditions for a camper vacation. The road network in Holland is very well developed and offers a great infrastructure. Especially North Holland is worth a trip with the camper. The eastern route with a detour to Rotterdam, Gouda and Utrecht or along the coast offers great sights and stops during your trip.

A visit to the capital Amsterdam with the camper is also high on the list. Besides many sights like the Oude Kerk and the Westerkerk, Amsterdam also offers a lot to art lovers. A large number of museums show exciting exhibitions. Strolling across the bridges and through the beautiful streets in the morning is a very special experience. Amsterdam combines island flair and city camping at the same time!

Holland mit dem Camper
Holland mit dem Camper
To Denmark with the campervan

Fancy a tour through Denmark with a campervan? Get to know the culture, discover Copenhagen or get a taste of the "Hygge" lifestyle on your camping trip through Denmark.

Most people use Denmark to pass through Scandinavia, but Denmark is so much more. Well-maintained roads, proximity to Germany and around 500 classified campsites. On the north coast of Denmark are numerous sandy beaches, in Ribe, the oldest city, you can admire leaning half-timbered houses and the fairy tale island of Funen is one of the most beautiful corners of the country.

Denmark convinces by reasonable prices and the varied landscape: windmills, white sandy beaches or dramatic cliffs - you can discover all this with a camper.

What you have to consider in the north with a camper

In most Scandinavian countries the Everyman's Right applies. However, there are certain rules you have to follow. For the population, nature is an important part and should not be destroyed under any circumstances. Always leave your sleeping place as you found it and take your garbage with you. Also, avoid loud music or similar noise near residential buildings.

If you prefer to play it safe, it makes sense to stay at a campsite. There you have running water and electricity. It is best to book the campsite in advance, as many tourists travel north by campervan during the summer months. On the campsites you also have shopping facilities, as well as leisure activities for young and old. Book it directly through our website!

Camping in Finnland
Camping in Finnland

A camper trip is not a vacation, it is the search for adventure, new experiences also a bit to yourself.

Do you want to experience this and discover the north more? Then book a camper and start your freedom.

Your FrrewayCamper Team