Adventure with e-bike and Microcaravan

Adventure with e-bike and Microcaravan
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The longing for freedom, independence and variety is greater than ever and camping is becoming more and more popular. If you also like to spend your time in nature, experience adventures and preferably still climate neutral, then we have just the thing for you: our e-bike with tent trailer!

In this special year, camping is the best way to turn your back on the home office, enjoy nature in abundance and have the flexibility to go wherever you want to be. Wouldn't you like to drink your freshly made coffee in front of your camper or tent again? So why not try something new and let the sun shine on your belly, use your e-bike to pick up fresh croissants at the bakery in the morning and take a day trip to explore the place in the afternoon? All this can offer you our e-bike XD3 with Microcaravan.

Small update: Our e-bike with tent trailer is currently for sale and no longer for rent. Contact our customer service for detailed information!

E-Bike XD3 with Microcaravan
E-Bike mit Zeltanhänger FreewayCamper
E-Bike mit Zeltanhänger FreewayCamper

Our E-Bike XD3 with Microcaravan represents a climate-neutral and sporty way of camping and offers space for up to 2 people to sleep in the inflatable Microcaravan. The perfect choice for all camping enthusiasts who love adventure and being close to nature. The e-bike is equipped with the latest technology and provides maximum riding comfort thanks to the continuously variable gears.

E-Bike mit Zeltanhänger FreewayCamper
E-Bike mit Zeltanhänger FreewayCamper

The B-Turtle Microcaravan trailer offer on the one hand comfort through the large lying surface (130 x 210 cm) and on the other hand sufficient storage possibilities through the extendable transport tray. The trailer can be easily inflated to a tent and thus creates the lying surface and additionally still an awning with standing height

E-Bike mit Zeltanhänger FreewayCamper
E-Bike mit Zeltanhänger FreewayCamper

Combine sporty adventure with climate-neutral travel

  • Climate Neutral Travel
  • XD-3 All-Terrain E-Bike with 625 Watt battery and continuously variable gears
  • Microcaravan with 130 x 210 cm lying area including awning in standing height
  • Waterproof 120 L storage space
  • 29 kg thanks to lightweight aluminum construction
  • Uncomplicated, fast assembly and disassembly
  • Breathable and robust
  • From 29€ per night
  • Additional services like an Outdoor shower and basic outdoor package

The first rays of sun on your face, the wind brushing your nose, and the bright colors of flowers on the roadside - this is spring. Experience this feeling to the fullest and without limiting your senses. Freedom on the bike and the closeness of nature in the tent.

Do you want to know more? Then start your journey into carbon neutrality and book your E-Bike XD3 with Microcaravan.

We are looking forward to start a new adventure with you.

Your FreewayCamper Team