Environmentally friendly travel with the camper

Environmentally friendly travel with the camper
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When traveling by camper, you should always keep in mind that nature is your home and you must treat it with care. You can easily do this by using biodegradable products, self-sufficient camper models or by using the sanitary facilities at the campsite.

However, if you're adventurous and want to enjoy nature up close, it's natural to find a compromise for your usual hygiene routine. No matter what model or mode you choose to travel with, we'll show you how camping works wonderfully with limited and convenient travel care products, and how to be sustainable and eco-friendly while traveling as well. The general rule when traveling applies, leave no trace and leave the place as you found it.

FreewayCamper Bulli
FreewayCamper Bulli
Biodegradable personal hygiene products

Here is our checklist. However, we recommend the products that are biodegradable, reusable and natural.

  • Soap, shower gel, shampoo or 2in1 products (The clear advantage of shower and hair soap is that they are compact and plastic-free).
  • Microfiber travel towels
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste/brushing tablets
  • Facial cleanser, body lotion & face wash
  • Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen: Mineral or physical sunscreens are better than chemical UV filters.
  • When applying make-up: Reusable make-up removal pads or try a natural Oil Cleansing facial cleanser for make-up removal (Korean Double Cleansing Method)!
  • A foldable wash bowl to use as a sink in case there isn't one.
Umweltfreundlich mit FreewayCamper
Umweltfreundlich mit FreewayCamper

The key word for skin care products is biodegradable. The goal is to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. If you choose to do your grooming routine in nature, rather than in a sanitary facility at a campsite or in your camper's bathroom, it makes perfect sense to research biodegradable products ahead of time. You should pay special attention to using silicone-free or microplastic-free natural products or organic cosmetics. The problem with many conventional care products is that they contain these two substances. They cannot be filtered by sewage treatment plants and consequently end up in the water.

Washing laundry and washing dishes

The same principle of "biodegradable" also applies to laundry and dishwashing detergents, as we don't want harmful chemicals to end up in our waterways or wastewater. On the market, environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents are very easy to get in the form of tablets (plastic-free).

Additionally, use a foldable wash bowl, included in our kitchen kit, to wash dishes or do laundry if you don't have a sink in your camper. Also, many campsites have washing machines and you'll find a laundromat in the nearest town.

Use the sanitary facilities at campsites or the bathroom in the camper

It is best to use the sanitary facilities at the campsite or the bathroom in your camper. At campsites or gas stations you can fill up your fresh water tank and dispose of waste water in the dump stations. You can read all about this in our blog post "Flexible travel with shower and toilet in the camper".

FreewayCamper Bulli
FreewayCamper Bulli

If you have any further tips on how to be prepared in terms of hygiene in and around the camper vacation, please let us know.

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