Black Friday 2023 camper travel deals

Black Friday 2023 camper travel deals
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Black Friday deals for traveling with a camper Attention bargain hunters and lottery gamblers - soon is the fourth Friday in November again. This year 2023 at FreewayCamper, our Black Week is going to be from 20th of November till 27th Cyber Monday, so it is time to secure prizes and save big times!

With us, you can book vans, campervans & motorhomes in 60 stations in Germany and Italy quickly and easily throughout the year, as well as your camping spots all over Europe.

Black Friday Lottery - everybody wins

Black Mercedes Marco Polo
Black Mercedes Marco Polo

This year we have prepared something special for you: our exclusive FreewayCamper lottery! We still want to keep this year's big prizes under wraps, but one thing is for sure: they will be at least as exciting as last year's grand prize of a €100 gift certificate!

So set your timer, enter and secure yourself one of many exciting prizes!

More information about this year's competition will follow soon...

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Best Black Friday Deals for camping equipment

Still looking for deals on the perfect camping travel accessories for your next camping vacation? How many times have you missed something on your camping vacation? Now is the best time to fulfill your wish list and check some things off your Christmas shopping list.

1. Do you already have the right jacket for your next outdoor adventure?

Good quality clothing will mostly cost you a lot more. So if you don't have a good rain jacket or warm winter jacket yet, keep an eye out for it during your Black Friday shopping. Good functional clothing can double the fun of your camping experience!

2. Do you sometimes lack the perfect light?

Even though a cell phone flashlight will help you in an emergency just fine, a headlamp and portable lanterns can make your camping trip much easier. Both allow you to find your way in the dark hands free. On the market you can find great ones which are electrically rechargeable or solar-powered models.

3. Are you ready for the next campfire?

Did you know that throughout Germany, wild campfires are not always allowed on direct natural ground? However, with portable camping fire bowls, you can still make that cozy campfire atmosphere happen anywhere you camp.

Campervan mit gemütlichem Camping Lagerfeuer
Campervan mit gemütlichem Camping Lagerfeuer
4. May I introduce you to the most surprising camping underdogs?
  • Binoculars and a hammock. Now hear me out. You've probably wondered before what feathery friend is the singer of the interesting bird calls that has always accompanied you on your camping trip or where the chamois are hiding on the nearest peak. With a small pair of binoculars you can easily discover the wonders of the distance everywhere! And after a long day of exploring, there's nothing more relaxing than getting comfortable in a cozy hammock with a natural panorama.
5. Does your worn down camping basic equipment need an upgrade?

Has your sleeping bag not been keeping you warm for a long time? Then how about an insulated heat-retaining sleeping bag? That way you'll always stay warm on any outdoor adventure!

Don't you think it's time to replace the old dripping thermos with a newer, better insulated model to enjoy the warm mulled punch on the road for longer?

And don't miss out on the opportunity to grab a backpack for all your adventures! Whether it's for a trip to the swimming lake, a spontaneous visit to the city or even for a short hike up the nearest hill – in a small functional backpack you get everything you require packed.

Tip: For more inspiration on what you shouldn't miss on your next camping adventure, we recommend our ultimate camping packing list!

Cozy van decorated with fairy lights
Cozy van decorated with fairy lights

So be quick on Black Friday deals this year and upgrade your camping equipment! We wish you good luck with all your deal hunting!

Your FreewayCamper Team

*for trips up to 34 nights