Camping & Amusement Parks

Camping & Amusement Parks
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Games, fun, excitement and a camper - what could be better? We at FreewayCamper show you the most beautiful amusement parks in Germany, with the right campsite for your camper. How about the Europapark or maybe the Legoland?

Europapark - Rust

More than 100 attractions, exciting shows, 11 roller coasters and 14 European themed areas, such as England, Greece or even Iceland. You can also discover a world novelty at Europapark: the Alpenexpress. A virtual roller coaster ride with reality goggles and real impressions like wind, centrifugal forces and curves. For families, Jim Knopf is waiting in the steaming locomotive for a ride through Lummerland and besides wild rides, the program includes musicals, park shows and a knight stunt show with horses as well as a 4D cinema.

With your camper you can park very close by and thanks to the variety and theme areas you can travel not only Germany but all over Europe.

Europapark Rust Camping
Europapark Rust Camping

Heide Park Resort - Lüneburger Heide

Discover the highest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Europe in a camper? Very easy with FreewayCamper. In Northern Germany's largest amusement park, 40 attractions, shows and adventures are waiting for families and action fans. The little ones can ride on a dino at Peppa Pig Land, and adrenaline junkies can enjoy the almost vertical descent in the Dive Coaster or the free fall from 71 meters in the Scream.

And camping fans will also get their money's worth. Far away from the attractions and the hustle and bustle of the amusement park, you can comfortably end your evening in the camper.

Legoland - Günzburg

Camp in Bavaria and discover the universe of the Lego brick. You can easily experience this at Legoland Günzburg. Families have to watch out for flying mummies, banish the fire magic of the pharaoh at the pyramid entrance and search for treasures with a jeep. In addition to assembling your own Lego robots, surfing across the water or a knights' tournament, Legoland in Günzburg offers fun and action for young and old. Together with the little ones, you can assemble the Legos you brought along in the spacious camper of FreewayCamper and combine camping with amusement parks.

Legoland Deutschland Camping
Legoland Deutschland Camping

Hansa Park - Sierksdorf at the Ostsee

Germany's only leisure park by the sea - the Hansa Park in Sierksdorf. With one of our campers you can easily reach this amusement park and start a trip through Germany. The park is completely dedicated to the theme world of the history of the German Hanseatic League and thus offers an experience not only for children. Besides 35 rides there is a new indoor attraction, the play world "Fondaco die Tedeschi" with among other things two freefall slides and softball shooting range.

Nearby you will find a few camping sites directly at the Baltic Sea. With one of our campers, camping at the Ostsee, directly at the beach and the option to spend a day in the amusement park is a lot of fun.

Camping Hansa Park
Camping Hansa Park

Camping and amusement parks are a good combination to unite vacation, action and family fun. Especially in autumn this is a popular alternative to traveling to the south to get to know your own country even better - and how could that be better than with a camper from FreewayCamper.

Have fun exploring!

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