Camping with dog: good to know!

Camping with dog: good to know!
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Camping with dog is a special way to travel. He is a member of the family and he should have the possibility to be part of the camping vacation.

We have summarized the most important points you should keep in mind when camping with a dog.

Camping mit Hund in einem Pössl Roadcar von FreewayCamper
Camping mit Hund in einem Pössl Roadcar von FreewayCamper
Before the trip:
1. Are pets allowed on all campsites?

Most campsites are pet friendly, but you should check in advance to be sure. You can find information about restrictions for pets on their websites or you can call them. Please note the individual rate on the price list.

2. What is the offer for dogs at the campsites?

Many campsites have prepared a special service for pets only, such as special showers for pets within the sanitary facilities. Information about the offer and prices should be visible on their website.

3. Do I need a passport for a dog?

Every country is different, so you should find out in advance which rules apply to entry. Some require a muzzle, others a pet passport and a microchip.

4. 1. What are suitable campers for travelling with the dog?

All campers are suitable for travelling with your dog. But our favourites are our Bulli VW T6.1 California Ocean as our adventure vehicle and our Campervan models as the solution with more space.

5. 1. What equipment is needed for camping with a dog?

Your dog will certainly need things for camping, too. Here is a small packing list for camping with your dog:

  • FreewayCamper dog package
  • Sufficient dog food
  • Documents
  • Collar
  • Excrement bag
  • Brush
  • Favourite toys
  • Possibly a paw protection
6. What does the FreewayCamper dog package include?
  • Protection for the seats
  • Ground anchor
  • Dog bed
  • Bowls
7. How much does the dog package cost?

Our dog package (dog bed, car safety blanket, floor anchor with exercise leash and 2 dog bowls) is available free of charge for the dog service fee of 99 €.

8. Is camping with dog complicated?

Camping with a dog is not complicated as long as you prepare well and inform yourself in advance at the campsites and observe the entry regulations for dogs in the individual countries.

FreewayCamper Hundepaket VW T.6
FreewayCamper Hundepaket VW T.6
During the trip:
1. How can I travel safely in a camper with my dog?

Safety while driving is especially important for your dog, because he does not have a seat belt or airbags like we do. That's why it is highly advised to bring an extension to the seatbelt buckle so that your pet is strapped in during the whole trip and cannot run into the driving area. With the additional cover for the back seat, your furry nose can also lie down comfortably on the seat and enjoy the view.

2. How often should I stop while driving?

Just like with us humans. It makes sense to take enough breaks and go for a walk. Ideally, about every 2 hours. Your dog can work off his energy and sleep comfortably during the drive.

3. Do dogs like to travel in a camper?

Not every dog is the same, so it is important to clarify in advance how your dog will react to the camper. Some dogs will love it and others will be sceptical about the camper. It is important that you take familiar things with you and that your dog feels comfortable.

Camping mit Hund FreewayCamper VW Bulli
Camping mit Hund FreewayCamper VW Bulli
At the camping site:
1. Can I leave my dog alone in the camper?

Don’t leave your dog in the camper alone. The campers are well ventilated, but not suitable for leaving your dog alone for a longer period of time.

2. Are there any restrictions for dogs on the campsites?

On a campsite you have to keep your dog on a leash. Please always make sure that your dog is with you and that you follow the rules. Every campsite has different rules. Included in our dog package is a ground anchor with a 4 meter leash, so that your dog has enough run.

3. What do campsites offer for dogs?

Many campsites welcome camping friends with dogs and offer special offers. This can be a free-running area, dog showers, dog schools or even a dog playground. Depending on the campsite there are other great offers.

4. Where can I wash my dog at the campsite?

Some campsites have shower facilities for dogs. If this is not the case, you can use the external showers and towels that FreewayCamper offers for cleaning your dog.

5. Is my dog allowed to run around freely at the campsite?

At most campsites, leashing is mandatory. However, even if this is not the case, you should always remember that not everyone is a dog lover. Therefore it is best to keep your dog with you at all times.

6. What if the dog gets sick during the trip?

Basically, the same applies as with people - you can get sick anywhere! Therefore you should also have a small first-aid kit for your dog. This should contain the following:

  • Tick forceps
  • Ointment for paws
  • Medicines that the dog needs regularly
  • Remedy against scours
  • Magnifying glass and tweezers
  • Dressing material

Of course there is also a veterinarian in every country. And since you are on the road with the camper, you are very flexible and can go home anytime!

Camping mit Hund in einem Pössl Roadcar R600
Camping mit Hund in einem Pössl Roadcar R600

Well prepared? Then let's go! Book a camper, pack your furry nose and start your adventure together.

Your FreewayCamper Team