The best camping apps for Europe

The best camping apps for Europe
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Being on the road with a camper means freedom and independence. We'll show you great apps that will simplify your camping vacation. There are many apps that can help you in different situations: Camping apps for pitch search, navigation, finding gas stations or various outdoor activities. We have listed all the helpful apps for you and tell you what is important when choosing a camping app.

What's important when choosing a camping app?

When choosing a camping app, it is of course crucial for which purpose you want to use it. Do you need the app to find a pitch, for navigation, to find gas stations or outdoor activities?

Certain functions are also advantageous.

A GPS location and an offline function that allows you to download maps and use them without the Internet make it easier to find a parking space. In addition, the app should be cheap or free to use and have a filter, a radius search and rating options. In the following sections, we present the best camping apps for every situation.

The best 3 camping apps for the search for a pitch in Europe

Spontaneity is very important for camping vacations. Therefore, it is always important to have a good tool to spontaneously search for a good pitch. We show you great camping apps that make your camping vacation easier and many campers actually use.

In each of these camping apps, you search for pitches to stay overnight. The results are displayed on a map and in a list, so you can get a good overview of all pitches in Europe.

Promobil Pitch Radar

With this camping app you can find pitches near you. Even in the free version you are offered a lot: In addition to prices, addresses and distances to your location, you can see if there is an electricity connection, toilets, WLAN or water. In addition, there are real customer reviews that tell you something about the ground, atmosphere and dog-friendliness, for example. The app is available for free download for Android smartphones here and for iPhones here.

Womo-stellplatz.eu (Camping-App.eu)

Here you can find great places to stay in Europe. This camping app offers you more than 20,000 international pitches and campsites. With the free version of the app you can search directly in your area, filter pitches by different criteria and use the keyword search. Offline, womo-stellplatz.eu only works if you buy the paid version. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


This camping app is probably the most popular app for free standing with a campervan. In contrast to the pitch guide, the pitch app park4night relies exclusively on the data that users have entered in the app. Currently, almost 130,000 pitches are entered. In the app, you can filter by specific pitches: normal parking, paid, free or private pitches, such as "On the farm" or "Off road 4×4".

There is the free version, which works only with an internet connection, and the paid one, which ensures offline use. Download for Android and iOS.

Camping Apps
Camping Apps

4 Camping apps for navigation and traffic

Finding routes and making your camping vacation spontaneous can be so easy. We show you camping apps that navigate you to the greatest spots and let you arrive relaxed at your destination.

Here WeGo

Here WeGo is your free route planner and navigates you everywhere. Download the right maps and start your camping adventure. Discover great routes and always be up to date on the speed limit. This app is one of the most reliable navigation devices among camping apps. Available for Android and iOS.

City Maps 2Go

A city trip with a camper - always a good idea. Discover great regions around the world and let this app navigate you through the city. Many insider tips for your next city visit, where you can then immediately click your favorite places, cafes and stores in a favorites list. You can also conveniently save the detailed city maps directly to your iPhone or Android phone.


The perfect camping app for traffic reports within Germany. The displayed information and updates are regularly taken from the ADAC database. Good cell phone reception is required to use the app. Available in the AppStore.

iCoyote Europe

Get the latest traffic reports, speed cameras and road works across Europe directly to your phone thanks to this app. The first 30 days are free, after that you have to pay a monthly fee. The cross-national traffic helper is available for the Android operating system as well as for Apple iOS.

The best 2 gas station apps

Even a camper needs to be refuelled from time to time, and for that we have great apps for you to help you find a cheap gas station nearby. All presented apps are free of charge and are updated regularly.

Fill up more

With this app you can choose your gas station all over Germany. It shows you the prices per liter for gasoline and diesel in real time and guides you directly to one of 14,000 gas stations in Germany thanks to the built-in navigation function. To find a gas station, simply use the location function or enter a postal code. Occasionally, gas stations in Austria and Switzerland are also displayed. The app is available for both Android and iOS

ADAC Fuel Prices

With this app you can find cheap gas stations all over Europe and refuel your campervan there. In addition, this app shows you the tolls incurred on the road at home and abroad. The app is available in the App Store or on Google Play.

Summer in a Camper
Summer in a Camper

Supporting Apps for outdoor activities

To be always perfectly prepared, there are various apps that make your leisure time easier and tell you the current weather of your destination. Whether it's outdoor activities, amusement parks, or hiking - these camping apps make everything easier.


Camping and biking is a great combo. With Komoot, you can easily plan great hikes and bike rides. Navigation by audio announcement along the created route, observes speed, altitude and distances. Available in the AppStore and on GooglePlay.


Another great app for your camping adventure is the Ape@map app. The digital map navigates you on your hike, bike or even ski tour through Germany, South Tyrol and Austria. You can also track your routes. Click here to download: AppStore and GooglePlay


Discover great activities, book your admission in advance and cancel 100% free if you change your plan after all. With this app, you can skip long lines and do great activities at your destination. Available on AppStore and GooglePlay.

Camping with kids
Camping with kids

Weather apps

Sun or rain, with a camper you're equipped for any weather situation. But if you want to do something great and be out in nature, weather apps are great for checking the situation and planning your camping trip a bit. With these two apps, you'll be perfectly prepared for your trip.


With this app you can easily check the weather and see when and how long it is supposed to rain. Decide spontaneously if you want to stay at that place or if you want to continue your trip. Also available for iOSund Android.


Especially for the alpine region, this app offers great and very accurate weather forecasts. The app shows temperatures, precipitation and wind speeds - the perfect companion for the adventurous among you. Bergfex/Wetter is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Special camping apps

Have you ever thought of creating a digital postcard and then sending it to your family and friends in paper form? Then Postando is just the thing for you! Or do you know the problem of finding a toilet quickly? We've picked out a great app for you.

Postando - send your camping experiences

You feel like writing a postcard, but you're out in nature with your camper and it's just too much effort to buy a card, buy the stamp and then look for a mailbox? Then Postando is just the thing for you! Choose your postcard, design it with your own pictures and text and send it. Postando will print it for you and send your personal postcard. You want to share your camping experience with your friends and family, then go ahead and download the app: App Store or Play Store.

Flush - find public toilets

Who doesn't know it, you have to go to the toilet and no public toilet is in sight. There is now a great app for this. You open it and see a map with a selection of toilets. Using the settings, you can enter in which radios you want to search for a toilet and can be navigated directly there. Perfect for campers who like to stay outside of campsites. Click here to download: Android or IOS


Download app and rent a camper

Camping can be so easy - if you have also caught the camping fever, but you do not have your own vehicle for the trip, you are exactly right with us! We have a large selection of vans, campervans and RVs throughout Germany, as well as in some places in Italy for you. Rent your camper online now - quick and easy!

two laughing women in front of VW Bulli - California Ocean
two laughing women in front of VW Bulli - California Ocean

These are the benefits FreewayCamper offers you when renting a camper:

  • All km included
  • No service fee
  • Free rebooking
  • Basic equipment included
  • No driver limit
  • Dogs welcome
  • Climate conscious travel
  • The more nights you book, the cheaper it gets

You can also be spontaneous and take advantage of our last-minute offers. We also recommend you to follow our Instagram channel. Here you can find exciting and entertaining news and stories as well as information about current offers and competitions. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive great giveaways like a 40€ voucher on your next trip.

We wish you a lot of fun camping!

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