#2 Camping for beginners

#2 Camping for beginners
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You have never been camping before? Then we have some answers to your questions here. We tell you how your first camping trip will be a real success and how you can best prepare. Rent a camper and start your adventure!

For more questions and answers, check out our blog post "#1 Camping for Beginners".

#1 What is the best destination for a camping trip?

Here you should decide according to your own preferences. Do you prefer it warm and sunny or do you enjoy the cool temperatures away from the crowds? The world is open to you with your camper. One thing you should keep in mind: start with a shorter trip to get to know camping. Try not to plan too many stops and rather spend several days in one place. If you're still looking for inspiration, you can check out the "Spots"category on our blog and discover lots of tips on great places to go! In addition, you can check out our blog on"Camping Apps" and discover pitches, parking options and many more tips.

Camping für Anfänger
Camping für Anfänger
#2 What do I have to consider in terms of Corona?

Since August 01, 2021, a new regulation is in effect. Please always inform yourself before your trip what you need to enter another country. This can be an online registration and the three G-rules (a negative PCR-test/vaccinated/genuine) or it can contain a quarantine obligation.

Detailed information can be found on the respective page of the German Foreign Office. You can read all the info at a glance in our blogpost "Traveling despite Corona"!

#3 What do I do in rainy weather?

Even when it rains, camping can be wonderful. Create cosiness in your camper and decorate it with fairy lights, cosy pillows and warm blankets. So you can perfectly lie down in bed, read a good book and listen to the rain on the roof. In addition, you can take games or watch movies or listen to podcasts on your tablet, which of course you can charge in the camper. So even a rainy day, becomes a relaxing vacation day.

#4 What should I watch out for during a thunderstorm?

It's best to avoid unprotected places like hills, open areas or the edge of the forest and also keep your distance from metal parts. The pop-up roof of your camper is rainproof, but it will not protect you during a thunderstorm. Here you should definitely retract the roof tent and the awning from your camper. In addition, please disconnect your camper from the power, so you reduce the risk of overvoltage.

Camping für Anfänger
Camping für Anfänger
#5 For how long can I book a camper?

Our minimum rental period is 3 days. Beyond that there are no limits. You are free to decide how long you want to rent your camper. For longer trips we have differentCamperAbo's. On the one hand the CamperAbo Classic, which you can already book for a period of one month. On the other hand our CamperAbo Winter Special, which is valid from four months for the period 01.0.-15.03. Book it directly online or through our customer service.

#6 At which locations can I pick up a camper?

Our locations are spread all over Germany. We also have a partner in Innsbruck. Just go to Book a Camper and you will be taken directly to the location closest to your home. We currently have locations in: Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Berlin, Frankfurt, Ulm, Hamburg, Erfurt and Innsbruck!

Standorte FreewayCamper
Standorte FreewayCamper
#7 Are there any differences when booking with a partner?

The partners may have different equipment, travel duration or campers. Just check directly on our website at the location. When renting at the stations of our partners, the terms and conditions of our partner apply.

#8 How do I return the camper?

The exact return time you discuss directly with the Station Manager on site. You can return your camper until 11:00 am. For late returns an additional fee will be charged according to the terms and conditions. If you are late, please inform the station in time. Your camper should be returned to us at the agreed time (before 11:00 a.m.) and place (usually at the transfer station) with a full tank and in running condition. Of course we can also do the refuelling for you for a flat fee of 30€ plus the refuelling costs. The (booked) extras are also to be returned to us cleaned.

#9 What does "broom clean" mean?

You will receive your camper freshly vacuumed, wiped and cleaned. If you hand it over to us in the same way, there will be no additional costs. If you don't have time to clean the inside of your camper, then you hand it over to us broom-clean and we will do the cleaning for a fee of 49€. Broom clean means that you clean out the camper completely, dispose of the garbage, clean the toilet and the waste water tank and sweep it once.

#10 Where do I dispose of my waste water?

The task of emptying the sewage, you should not put off until tomorrow. It can happen in tight corners that the inside of a full waste water tank spills into the interior of the car, therefore you should always empty the water before leaving. There are waste disposal stations for this purpose. This is a facility where you dispose of the waste water from the camping vehicle, fill up with fresh water and empty feces from the toilet cassette. These stations look like a large box and usually have a fresh water connection, a funnel for wastewater, and often a second faucet for flushing out the wastewater tank.

Camping für Anfänger
Camping für Anfänger
#11 Where and how do I clean the toilet?

You can empty your toilet either at the campsite or at a disposal station. Please do not dispose of it in nature under any circumstances.

To clean:

  1. Check if the slide of the toilet is closed
  2. Remove the cassette from the compartment
  3. Take it to the disposal station
  4. Place the cassette vertically upwards and carefully turn the tube upwards
  5. Very slowly tilt the tube towards the spout and just as slowly press the vent button on the cassette
  6. Fill up with water using the hose, carefully swing the cassette back and forth and rinse out
  7. Wwash the cassette and cap and screw the cap back on again
  8. Reinsert the cassette
#12 What do I do if I have a breakdown?

Please stay calm. You can reach us Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 19:00, Saturdays between 08:00 and 18:00 and Sundays between 10:00 and 18:00 at the following number: +49 89 889 970 86. You are also welcome to write an e-mail to info@freeway-camper.com.In case of emergency we have sent you a technical manual by e-mail, which shows the most typical problems in the camper and how to solve them.

Camping für Anfänger
Camping für Anfänger

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us at any time. Via the chat function on our website, by phone at +49 89 889 970 86 or by e-mail to info@freeway-camper.com.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Your FreewayCamper Team